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Get Your Picture Taken With A Dinosaur FREE iPhone App!

Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs is an iPhone photography application that lets you create and take mind-teasing photos with dinosaurs featuring 4 different dinosaur types (with 20 total available poses) that can be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email. There are loads of entertainment iPhone photography apps in the iTunes App Store that make you fat, skinny, ugly, etc., but none work quite the way this iPhone photography app does. This application actually puts the dinosaur in the image with your subject, victim, friend, mother (Hi, Mom!) with the ability to resize the dinosaur and move it around to where you want it. A very cool touch that the developers added was a shadowing effect for the beast of your choice — which there are many. The app comes with 4 dinosaurs, including the ever so popular Tyrannosaurus Rex. The 4 FREE dinosaurs come with a total of 20 poses, effectively 5 poses for each dinosaur. You can buy additional dinosaur packs at a very reasonable price of only $0.99 for up to 6 dinosaurs and around 30 poses. You can also preview any of the paid add on dinosaur packs before purchasing.

iPhone photography app reviewsiPhone photography app reviews

During my testing, this app was a whole lot of fun. I unlocked several in app purchases and played around with all sorts of dinosaurs whose names I cannot pronounce. Unfortunately, Mrs. CrazyMike was mauled by a Velociraptor, so we are taking donations to help repair her face (just kidding). Since the photo is not added afterwards, your pictures will come out very crisp and with a more (somewhat) realistic look. This FREE app is a win, win download for anyone who wants to create some fun photos and Take Pictures With Dinosaurs. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs iPhone App Details

Title: Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs
Price: Free
Category: Photography
Size: 79.9 MB
Developer: GenevaMars, LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs - GenevaMars, LLC

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Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

★New & Noteworthy – March 2012
★Staff Favorite – March 2012

★Now Supports Full Resolution Photos!
★Now Comes With 4 Dinosaurs!


In other “photo editing” apps, you first take a picture, and then place fun objects on the photo afterwards. With “Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs,” you can have your friends pose alongside dinosaurs right in your viewfinder!

**note: Requires at least an iPhone 3GS or better. iPhone 4 or 4S strongly recommended.

★ Pose your dinosaur in your frame while you’re taking the photo
No need for multiple steps. Just position the dinosaur, point and shoot. It’s that simple!

★ Includes 20 Dinosaur Poses
Choose from four dinosaurs–Tyrannosaurus rex, Diceratops, Argentinosaurus, and Suchomimus–with 5 different poses each

★ Share your photos with friends
Easily post your dinosaur photos to Facebook or tweet them on your Twitter feed. Or email photos to friends from within the app.

Available via in-app purchase
Each bundle includes 5 Dinosaurs with 5 poses each = 25 dinosaur poses!

★ Velociraptor + The Raptors Bundle (5 dinosaurs)
Featuring the ferocious Velociraptor and four additional Raptors:
✓ Velociraptor
✓ Utahraptor
✓ Deinonychus
✓ Austroraptor
✓ Microraptor

★ Triceratops + The Ceratopsids Bundle (5 dinosaurs)
Featuring Triceratops and four additional ceratopsids:
✓ Triceratops
✓ Zuniceratops
✓ Einiosaurus
✓ Pachyrhinosaurus
✓ Coahuilaceratops

★ Stegosaurus + The Stegosaurs Bundle (5 dinosaurs)
Featuring Stegosaurus and four additional stegosaurs:
✓ Stegosaurus
✓ Kentrosaurus
✓ Miragaia
✓ Huayangosaurus
✓ Gigantspinosaurus

★ Spinosaurus + The Theropods Bundle (5 dinosaurs)
Featuring Spinosaurus and four additional theropods:
✓ Spinosaurus
✓ Allosaurus
✓ Monolophosaurus
✓ Aucasaurus
✓ Cryolophosaurus

★ Brachiosaurus + The Sauropods Bundle (5 dinosaurs)
Featuring Brachiosaurus and four additional sauropods:
– Brachiosaurus
– Apatosaurus
– Sauroposeidon
– Titanosaurus colberti
– Puertasaurus

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