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Ghost Sniper: Zombie – Intense Sniper – Tiny Zombies

The Ghost Sniper: Zombie iPhone game almost delivers a perfect Zombie-Sniper game, except for some significant flaws, whether intentional or unintentional.

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It is unclear to me whether or not the developers meant to make this game as hard as it is or if it was by accident? You will quickly understand what I’m talking about when you see, or should I say don’t see the tiny zombies once you start playing the game. The zombies are really, really, small. The gameplay is still very good for a sniper game, once you actually find the zombies and begin taking them down.

The in app purchase is less than rewarding, but you can earn the in app currency and skills by finding jars on each level to shoot for those rewards.

Overall, Ghost Sniper: Zombie is a great game for FREE, but if it returns to its $1.99 price, I’m not sure I could suggest it for a download.

Ghost Sniper: ZombieGhost Sniper: Zombie


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