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Great Gift List App To Track Your Presents and Your Spending

If you have a tendency to spend more than you should when buying presents, you need an gift list app to help you track your presents and spending throughout the year. And GiftShopper is just the iOS Finance app to help you do that. With the convenience of your iPhone and this top rated application, you can quickly and easily create a multitude of lists for every occasion and for everyone you buy for. You can even add photos to your entries and share your created lists. But the best part of this gift list app is the handy budget reminder that’ll make you think twice before overspending.

Gift List App for iPhone Review

In addition to the great functionality that GiftShopper provides, the developer made sure to include a stylish user interface that would appeal to both men and women. It comes with pleasing notepad graphics in a handsome green leather, complete with grain texture and stitching. And all your data goes on clean beige notepaper. Navigating your way around in GiftShopper is a breeze due to the simple and limited number of buttons and icons that show you exactly what to do. There’s even quick “how to” instructions if you need it.

But it’s pretty simple to create a list in this gift list app, just type in your occasion. There are no preset categories to select from, so it’s whatever you put in. Next, set your budget amount and add your people to the list. People can be added by typing their names in or taken directly from the contacts listed in your iPhone. And after that, add your gift name, an optional photo, and gift amount, and check it off if you’ve bought the present or leave it unchecked if you haven’t.

GiftShopper sounds really basic in functionality, but there is a lot of attention to detail that makes this app stand out. When viewing all your created lists on the main list screen, you’ll notice that they are displayed by the date they were created and arranged in chronological order. This application also comes with a handy search box to help you find all your created lists. And when viewing a specific list, you’ll see each individual’s name, and the number of items you added to their list. The list also displays the dollar amount spent/or intended for each person, and whether or not the list is complete, which is indicated by a green check mark or absence of. You can also reorder the names of people on your lists as well. But my favorite part of this gift list app is the visuals that help keep your spending in check.

Gift List Planning iPhone App

Near the top of your iPhone screen you’ll see a piggy bank icon with a horizontal bar running from left to right and a balance scale underneath that. Your money amounts are on the opposite side showing your set budget amount, balance and difference. Your bar indicator will continue to move to the right the closer you get to your set budget amount. And if you go over, it’ll show in red instead of orange. Across from your balance scale icon you’ll see the difference between your spending, meaning what you’ve spent/or allocated, and how much you have left before exceeding your budget. This is a great visual reminder and makes you think twice before blindly buying more presents because you’re caught up in the excitement of the occasion.

While using this gift list app, I discovered another great use for this application that parents will appreciate. If your kids are like most, they don’t think twice about how little things can really add up. You know, toys and gadgets, tickets to the movies and sporting events, gas in the car, a few dollars to eat out with friends, makeup, and the list goes on. This is where GiftShopper can come in handy when doling out all those “cash gifts.” With this gift list app you can create a monthly allowance by making a budget list for each kid. And every time you fork out more cash, simply add it to the list to deduct from the set budget balance. It’s a great way to give them a reality check and teach some budgeting skills too. Once the money is gone, it’s gone!

Another nice feature that this gift list app offers is the ability to email your list as an html, csv file and text. I emailed myself. When the email came through it displayed nicely and showed up as cells in a data sheet including all the people, presents and financial information too (budget, spent, balance, and individual item amounts). The only negative to sending your lists is that you can’t send a list for just an individual person who is a part of the overall titled list. This can be a problem if you only want to share part of your the list with someone whom is also on that list. Speaking of hiding your list, GiftShopper also comes with a password feature, allowing you to lock out prying eyes that might spoil your surprises.

If you need help tracking, organizing and monitoring your present giving and budget, GiftShopper is one of the best iPhone gift list apps to track it all. It’s practical, functional and pretty!

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