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Gift Tracker App Tracks Cash, Gift Card Balances, and More!

With so many gifting events all year long, a gift tracker app almost seems like a necessity for your iPhone or iPad. Think about the number of graduations, weddings, baby showers, holidays, birthdays, housewarming, hosting and other events that require a gift. And if you’re on the receiving end, then the gotGift?:Receive Cash, Gift Box & Gift Card app may just be the app you need to keep things in order.


The gotGift? gift tracker app makes it easy to record the Who, What, Why, and How Much for all gifts received. You’ll be able to categorize and track cash gifts, gift cards and any other special gift box items received. With each gift entry, you’ll have an opportunity to add a photo, date, gift type, amount, occasion, name of the person giving the gift, name of person the receiving the gift, and an exact description of what the gift is. The simple spin dials for dates and previously saved entries and categories make inputting data a breeze.

Another nice feature is that you can track gifts for any and all occasions and for multiple people. This is great for moms or dads to keep track of the gifts given to their kids and as a reminder to write thank you cards. In addition to this, you can also export a “Gift Report” through email or print out your PDF report if you want. But one of the best features about this app is its ability to keep track of running balances for all cash and active gift cards. And, this Utilities app recalculates your balances each time you make adjustments to the entered gift card or cash entries.


In this app, you can see all your entered gift information in simple categories on the main “Gifts” screen (Cash, Gift Cards, Gift Box and Active Gift Cards), along with a “Recent Activity” list for your 3 most recent occurrences. And each area can be explored further with a quick tap on the screen.

The bottom navigation is another way to explore the categories: Gifters, Occasions, and History. And although this app is designed technically to help you track the gifts received, it could also be used to track the gifts you give as well. There is one thing I should point out about my experience when testing the app out. I had some initial issues with the Gifter category because it didn’t pull in any results for my entered data in that category. However, when I checked this a day later, all my entered gifter information was there. I also had some issues initially with deleting entries, editing worked fine, but this functionality appears to be working great now as well.

For the most part, the gotGift? app is self explanatory, but I think the average person would benefit from some simple explanations in this app. I also think a place to add notes and to record thank you notes sent would be a great addition to this gift tracker app. The gotGift? app is a nearly perfect app with a lot of great features that make it a very useful gift tracker app for most people. And as a gift to you, it’s Free!


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