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Ginger Run – Quirky Fun, iPhone Endless Runner Game (Updated) Now Gingy

Get ready to race as a gingerbread cookie man in this original endless runner game as you run, jump and skate your way across the finish line trying to earn medals, achieve cups and beat rivals from around the world (while playing this new iPhone game — Ginger Run). Yes, it’s true that endless runner games abound in the iTunes App Store, but Ginger Run is a bit different than most. This quirky iPhone Games app features you as the gingerbread cookie character, whose running is based on how fast you can tap the bottom right and left corner of your iPhone screen (one after the other). Now this is not as easy as it may sound and actually takes a bit of coordination, but after a few runs you’ll get the hang of it. And, just when you are getting the hang of it, you are tasked with using the accelerometer by alternating tilting of your iPhone left/right, left/right to keep your gingerbread dude running with a goal of completing 600 steps before getting your tap controls back.

During the running process you start off predictably slow with either controls, but as you pick up speed, power-ups appear as well as obstacles identified by an exclamation “!” that appear on the far right side of the screen and could be spilled jam, broken eggs, sugar or other kitchen-related obstacles that will slow your gingerbread runner down. To avoid these obstacles when in tap mode, swipe up, and when in accelerometer mode, tilt quickly to the right to jump. There are oddles and boodles of sweet power-ups like increased licorice candy cane time, waffle cone acceleration belts, protective armor and other delicious items that will make you want to start eating candy.

A subtle part of this game, at first, probably because you’re going so slow is that each time you race, you race against a world opponent as you try to catch up to them running from left to right. The opponents can be tricked out with more power-ups than you — which means you will probably never catch them. However, the developer has done a fantastic job of providing a very large amount of coins for achieving cups and earning medals which makes it easy to get power-ups the longer you keep on playing. Achievements or cups (as they are called) consist of benchmarks like “Completed 600 steps using iPhone accelerometer control” and other monumental tasks. Your speed is gaged by STS/S, which means steps per second. This is slow as molasses at the beginning of your gingerbread kitchen derby career, but as you progress and add power-ups, you will find that you’re pushing 90+ speeds.

There is an international flavor to this game, in that the more people you have playing in your own country, the better chance you have of being the best competing country when it comes to Ginger Run and gingerbread kitchen derby. I played this game for quite awhile, and until you figure out how to run efficiently you may not get the full enjoyment factor that this iPhone Games application provides. But, once you get this learning curve down, this game is a hoot and you will find yourself, especially if you are a competitive type, trying to beat every rival you come across. You are, however, limited by time — so be sure to snag as many time power-ups as you can to keep the race going for as many times, especially after you have been racing awhile because your rivals get a bit tougher. Ginger Run is a hoot of a good time, providing a unique endless runner game experience that was throughly enjoyable. Be sure to watch the Ginger Run iPhone Games app video demo for a complete look at this iPhone Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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Ginger Run - Oleg Kapitonov

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