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Glow Worm – Strategic Bacteria Gameplay!

The world of germs is thriving in this new iPhone game called Glow Worm (by AngryOrange). Glow Worm is a strategic arcade action game featuring 18 challenging levels of unique bacteria, Glow Worm, and virus gameplay, along with lots of bacteria balls to save and menacing cell enemies (viruses) to avoid. I haven’t come across any iPhone arcade game (as of late) that requires as much strategy as this one does. Looks are certainly deceiving when you first start out in Glow Worm, but you quickly get educated and realize that these 18 levels, while on appearance seem paltry, are not easy to complete, like many other casual iPhone games — so less is more in that respect (with this game). Your objective is to use your Glow Worm to get the bacteria balls safely back to your molecular orb, while it does sound like some sort of science equation will be necessary (it’s not), a science equation might be easier to deal with.

Glow Worm iPhone Game App ReviewGlow Worm iPhone Game App Review

To make things a bit more challenging, your Glow Worm has only a limited amount of power, which is necessary to attract the bacteria balls to drag them back to the molecular orb. You’ll need to use your Glow Worm’s power very sparingly, and do not touch the viruses with any of the bacteria balls or those that do are goners. The game boards look like some sort of space-age universe, but upon closer scrutiny they resemble the inside of a cell more. Glow Worm is uniquely fun and requires a heaping serving of good strategy to achieve success. As a side note, the developers are already working on more levels, so again, do not be discouraged by the low number of levels currently — because the germ world will be expanding rapidly. Watch the video app demo to see how this game plays. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Glow Worm iPhone App Details

Title: Glow Worm
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 20.0 MB
Developer: AngryOrange
Store: iTunes App Store

Glow Worm iPhone App Download Link

Glow Worm - AngryOrange

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Glow Worm iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Jump into some addicting arcade action, figure out how to save all the bacteria around you, and navigate your way through the world of microbes today! Download Glow Worm and discover the thrills of cruising through micro-space through over fifteen diverse levels right now!

Glow Worm is a wildly exhilarating yet highly strategic new mobile arcade sensation that throws gamers behind the reigns of a neon colored glow worm, challenging them to look out for defenseless little bacteria balls and save them from the harsh,dangerous environments they just want to call home!

Glow Worm features gameplay that’s intuitive and addicting – but that doesn’t mean its a leisurely stroll in the micro-park:

Tough-screen controls help you pilot your Glow Worm orb, gather up bacteria microbes, and get them to the safety of your own molecular orb. The player’s Glow Worm attracts bacteria like a magnet when nearby, so collecting and toting them along is simple – but figuring out the right way to shepherd them to safety is anything but!

You’ll need to avoid various lethal obstacles along the way, including oddly shaped micro-spaces and enemies that come in lots of shapes and sizes, ranging from pesky red cells to menacing rotating X cells, and more!

Players need to save a certain number of bacteria cells in each level in order to achieve victory and move on. To boot, since each of Glow Worm’s 18 maze-like levels are uniquely structured, gameplay is never anything short of fresh and exhilarating. Best yet, more levels are due to premiere in a microbe near you soon too!

This mobile blast gives iOS gamers a universe of addicting arcade fun – and it all fits into an epic, wildly stylized microscopic adventure! Don’t wait, get your hands dirty & have a blast with Glow Worm!

Past paced, strategically minded arcade action!
18 awesomely unique, sequentially more challenging levels – with more on the way!
Intuitive, highly responsive multi-touch controls.
Intricate gameplay courtesy of a powerful in-game Physics engine.
Vibrantly styled, fluidly animated game graphics.

Glow Worm is developed by Angry Orange.

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