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Go Fishing! – Realistic Fishing Game Experience for iPad

Go Fishing! (by Go Games) is a realistic fishing game that features a variety of relaxing environments, different baits, tackle, and equipment, which you use to become the best Go Fisherman! I thought fishing as a kid was fun, but never really got into the sport. But, if you are a fisherman or want a nice tranquil gaming pastime, then this fishing game, Go Fishing! for the iPad provides an authentic fishing experience complete with very nice graphics featuring awesome fishing spots, moving clouds, and the perfect sounds to make the whole experience more valid.

This freemium game starts with you playing as yourself (Facebook profile required) and allows you to level-up by catching fish, completing quests and tournaments. There are a variety of fishing spots like Lake Michigan, Florida, Lake Victoria, and at each spot there are multiple fishing holes. You start the game with the beginner’s pole, some bread as bait, and weak fishing line, which needs to be upgraded. You do all of this by getting busy at the fishing holes and catching some of many different fish available in this game. Fish can be sold, eaten (for energy) or released. There is a market in the app where you can buy everything from bait to a house using the 3 different in app currencies: pearls, cash, and salmon steak.

Go Fishing! FREE iPad GamesGo Fishing! FREE iPad Games

One characteristic that stuck out to me in this game was the attention to detail in duplicating a true fishing experience. The fishing spots are relaxing, sounds are appropriate, even to the time-delay in between fish bites, which can be a little too realistic (if you are the impatient type). Being an hyper-guy, I found myself getting impatient while waiting for the fish, but that is how fishing is in real life and Go Fishing! does a great job of creating a pretty darn authentic fishing experience. There are other true-to-life features like mosquitos that suck your energy, food that is needed to fish, and a pan to fry your fish — all can be accumulated as you work towards becoming the best Go Fisherman. Looking for a relaxing and realistic fishing game, then Go Fishing!. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Go Fishing! FREE iPad App Details

Title: Go Fishing!
Price: FREE
Size: 111.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Go Games, Ltd.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Go Fishing! - Go Games, Ltd.

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Go Fishing! FREE iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Introducing the best fishing simulator: Go Fishing! Escape from your work routine and the hassle of the city. Relax in the peaceful wilderness of the best fishing spots around the world.

The game features:

* hundreds of realistic tackle and bait options
* realistic locations, recreated from the best fishing spots around the world (Lake Michigan, Loch Ness, Alaska, Florida, Lake Victoria, Siberia and more)
* realistic graphics, animations, sounds, real fishing ambiance
* multi-level quests for fishing legends and stories (you will need to catch a monster fish, help the local ecologists, universities and restaurants, help finding poachers, etc)
* real-time multi-player tournaments
* extensive fishing experience. You may:

– sell, cook or release fish you caught,

– buy various bait or use traps to get it,

– use the realistic fishing gear,

– chum the fishing spots in advance to attract fish,

– use magic potions to improve your luck or skill,

– wear warmer clothes or sunglasses, apply mosquito repellents for more comfort,

– buy a house and a boat to access remote locations,

– pull out rare items to complete various collections,

– help your friends and ask them for a help,

– use electronic fishfinders to locate what you need,

– brag about your achievements and catches.
* Facebook integration

A Facebook account is required to play Go Fishing. Creating a Facebook account is free and you can play Go Fishing on Facebook at:

– “Its simple yet relaxing…very unique game compared to what’s out there”
– “an epic fishing game :)”
– “Great game, just like the real thing.”
– “very good game with a dedicated team to go with it.”
– “I have to admit, this is actually a pretty cool game. Much better than building things in the villes. And here, I can sit back in my boat, drink beer and fish. Nothing better than that.”

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  1. Game doesn’t exist in iTunes. Nw what?

    • Not much and unfortunately this happens from time to time. Here is the email for the developer admin (at)go-games(dot)org if you would like to contact them.

  2. Not on the Australian iTunes Store, why?? Would love to play it on my iPad!!!!

  3. Not on the Australian iTunes Store!!!
    Why??? Would really love to play it on my iPad!!!!