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Goats R Delicious – Chupacabra Sightings On iOS Devices!

Goats R Delicious (by Choo Parr Productions) is probably one of the weirdest iPad games that I have come across to date, yet its uniqueness is what makes it so strangely fun. You play as Choo Parr, the mysterious, blood-sucking Chupacabra creature that zombifies animals in this interesting indie puzzler game. Goats R Delicious will challenge you to solve (at times) very difficult puzzles throughout the 9 large levels — and ultimately do battle against Theodora, the animal guardian and protector. To understand this game, one must understand what the Chupacabra is. According to myth, legend, Wikipedia, and urban legend: the Chupacabra is an animal that sucks the blood from animals with fang-like puncture wounds and appears to be lizard like. This legendary monster has its roots in the Puerto Rican culture, but there have been supposed occurrences of this blood-sucking animal in — of all other places — Russia.

The game is much more lighthearted than described above. You play as the walking lizard creature (Choo Parr) with the goal of solving all the puzzles throughout the 9 levels to get to Theodora for an all out battle to kill all those tasty animals — as well as Theodora. The animals by no means are ferocious in this game and when Choo Parr picks them up, they begin to hug him to death — complete with little pink hearts that float upwards when Choo Parr runs with a cute cuddly animal. The animals come from portals sprinkled around the game levels and Choo Parr’s main defense against them is to zombify them, which then allows him to throw them towards crates, barrels, and weapons to smash them for rewards, items, and protection. The goats in this game provide Choo Parr with incrementally increased health when picked up and zombified. The other key control in this whacky game is the Drop button that will help you solve puzzles that you get stuck in (with subtle hints provided to solve). There are also obstacles, like huge swinging saws, maces, wood beams and other deadly items that you must successfully pass by throughout each level. One tip: do not be afraid to wander around and smash all the crates and barrels because you just never know what you will find.

My first time playing Goats R Delicious I thought I was in some weird sci-fi movie on the Cartoon network. But, once I got the hang of capturing and zombifying animals, the game really opened up to me — that was before getting stuck in a puzzle area. The puzzle areas are tough but not that bad if you keep in mind that the word clue provided (typically) is exactly how you solve the puzzle. I have never seen, nor do I desire to see a Chupacabra creature in person, but if I do — I will shoot first and ask questions later. Goats R Delicious is interesting and creative and a fine example of an indie developer expanding out a bit to create a culturally cool game — a bit weird — but, fun all the same. Be sure to watch the Goats R Delicious iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPad and iPhone Games Application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Goats R Delicious iPad App Details

Title: Goats R Delicious
Category: Games
Developer: Choo Parr Productions LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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Goats R Delicious - Choo Parr Productions LLC

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Goats R Delicious iPad Developers App Description

iOS Universal

Challenge your timing, control and brain in this unique 3rd person action and puzzle game based on the life of Choo Parr, an incorrigible, human hating Chupacabra.

The only thing Choo Parr despises more than stupid humans are sweet cuddly animals. Help guide Choo through the onslaught of 9 levels of relentless hugs as he tries to make his way to the castle for a battle with his arch-nemesis – Theodora, the guardian of yummy, juicy endangered animals.

Grab the animals, suck their blood and zombify them to destroy objects and obstacles, but be careful as each animal could also love Choo to death.

•Collect coins and search for hidden objects along the way.
•Don’t let animals hug you for too long. They could hug you to death.
•Zombify the bunny, piggy, squirrel and armadillo to use as weapons.
•Zombify a goat for a quick health boost.
•Break through the castle walls for a delicious delicacy.

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