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Goblin Legion HD – Online Real-Time Strategy Battle

You must build up a strong Goblin army and infrastructure in Goblin Legion HD, an online Real-Time Strategy game for the iPad where you defend your base and attack and defeat others in order to become the ruler of the Goblin Empire. Yes, there is a lot to do in this game and your decisions early on will determine your longevity later. You start the game from humble beginnings with just a few buildings, no army, a nice stash of gold, and most importantly protection for 2 days (no one can attack you).

The idea during this time of peace is to build resource buildings (wood, crystal, stone, food) and build as many as you can because you’ll need these resources to build, upgrade your buildings, create troops, and more. As you increase in your resources, your guile and strategy on how you use them will decide your positive or negative outcome in this game — because after the 2 day protection lapses you will either have to defend yourself or purchase more protection. Since this is an online game your base will be fair game 24 hours a day even when you are not playing.

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In addition to resources, there are missions you can complete that will pay off (once completed) in resources and gold, which can give you an additional boost. There are also daily missions that can really payoff on a regular basis (this is the best place to get free gold). You can also purchase gold through in app purchase with real money to get an edge over other players.

The building and management of your base is only half the game, the other half is defending your base and attacking others. Attacking others also takes strategy as you can enter an enemy’s base from multiple directions, and with as many of your available troops as you like. A little tip: you will not get any of the remaining troops back that you have committed to battle, that is if they even survive — this is the way the game is designed. If you are successful in battle you will reap the resources of your conquered enemy, which can pay off. Goblin Legion HD is an advanced Real-Time Strategy game that will definitely challenge your strategy gaming abilities. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at this game. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Goblin Legion HD iPad App Details

Title: Goblin Legion HD
Price: Free
Size: 52.5 MB
Category: Games
Developer: PlaySNS
Store: iTunes App Store

Goblin Legion HD iPad App Download Link

Goblin Legion HD - Guangxi Nanning Qiwang Computer Ltd.

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Goblin Legion HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

Goblin Legions is the most advanced online RTS game on iPad. You will enjoy the great game play as building up an empire, customizing up the avatar and land into your own style as well as the RTS features that you don’t usually see in an iPad game. Let’s hope this brand new whole package will bring all the fun into a new level.

As a rising lord of the Goblin world, besides to build and upgrade the buildings on your base you are looking to assemble all kinds of talented goblin warriors to build an army. You get stronger and more powerful by leading the army to protect your base and invade other’s. Finally battles and your clever strategies will earn a name and spot in this war-ridden goblin universe.

On your way to write the legend, some become your friends while the others become your enemies. You’d better bond with your allies looking after each others to defeat your enemies. The guilds level up the battles into a bigger intenser tendency.

√RTS gaming experiences;
√More than 200 goblins for your operation in battle;
√Friendly instant communication systems;
√Various items and missions;
√Open-ended playing;
√Continuous official in-game events.
√Raise your goblin army;
√BATTLE other players worldwide;
√Defend your base free.
…and much MORE!

This is an ONLINE game only! A network connection is required to play.

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