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Goldilocks and The Three Bears Interactive Storybook! (Video)

There’s is something warm and comforting about cozying up with a classic storybook, maybe because it’s so familiar. Goldilocks and The Three Bears Interactive Storybook for Children (by JH Digital Solutions) tells this classic tale through nice hand-drawn artwork, 2 reading modes, interactive opportunities on every page, and a fun memory matching game.

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Immediately upon opening the app you are greeted with soft chiming music that makes you want to settle in and engage in the comfortable interactive reading experience to come. The interesting and textured hand-drawn artwork is cheerful in color, but soft in appearance — having a nice, old-fashioned quality. I find the artwork particularly interesting because it’s obviously a little different than what we are accustomed to seeing in the States. The navigation is very simple with only 3 areas: Listen To The Story, Read the Story, and Memory Game. You’ll find right and left arrows (bottom of each page) to advance pages and a simple house icon (top left) that will return you back to the beginning of the app at any time. The female narrator presents the story in a soothing and traditional storytelling manner, but if you prefer, switch over to the Read the Story mode and enjoy reading the story to your child or encourage your child to practice reading it to you.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Interactive Storybook


There are simple animations and interactions on each page, more or less on some pages. I liked how almost all the wall art in the book incorporates animations or interactive opportunities (see the bear toss the seal a ball), feathers from the pillow, the lamp that turns on and off, as well as how Goldilocks appears on each chair or bed whenever any of these items are tapped on — nice touch. Most of the animation and interactive movements are a bit mechanical, but still very enjoyable. I love the creative and playful presentation of the Memory Game, which is a card matching game with the storybook character cards clipped to 4 hanging clothes lines. Once a game is completed, your child will receive a royal trumpet blast and the option to start another game. The game cards are in different positions for each new game allowing for plenty of replay value.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Interactive Storybook


Overall, Goldilocks and The Three Bears Interactive Storybook for Children is a really pleasant storybook app to enjoy with your children due to its comfortable low-key presentation, nice hand-drawn artwork, simple animations and interactions, and simple but fun matching game. This book would be especially great to read together as a way to unwind before nap time or bedtime due to its leisurely and calming feel. As a matter of fact, I’m ready to curl up in a big comfy chair right now and take a short nap myself. Mrs. Crazy Mike

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