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GotchaWarriors – Tower Defense Action Game With A Twist (Video)

The GotchaWarriors Android game combines Plant vs. Zombie Tower Defense gameplay with trading card elements. This Games app also features 100+ warriors that can be enhanced and combined to make more powerful warriors! To find out more about this Android game and to see how it plays, watch the App Video Review below!

Watch the GotchaWarriors Android App Video Review Now!


The Back Story Behind GotchaWarriors

It is up to you! You are the hero! Your enemy is Dr. Strange Love. He is using an army of modified zombies to take over your town, and then take over the world. You are the only one who can stop him. You are in command of an army of your own. Your army is made up of special warriors from all over the world. You must expand and enhance your army to halt the doctor’s plans.

GotchaWarriors Features

– Build your army by collecting warriors
– Over 100 different warriors to use
– Military personnel to samurai and ninjas
– Enhance your army by combining two or more soldiers to create a super soldier
– There are four levels for each super soldier
– Target zombies with a tap of the finger
– Smash the zombie hoard with various special attacks
– Many special attacks you can choose from

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