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Sprinkle for Android, Grab a Hose and Get Squirting! (Video)

Sprinkle for Android, is an awesome physics puzzle game where you use water to put out various puzzling levels.

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You play a fireman that has control over a water cannon that maneuvers up and down and can also turn 180 degrees. The game presents you with multiple fires on each level, some in the open (some not so much), and some you will have to use your noodle in order to figure out how to put out. The objective is to complete each level as fast as possible. While also trying to prevent as little fire damage you can. You are ranked on a drop system, with 5 drops being the best based on the previous measurements. Be careful because you can run out of water, the Titans’ homes will catch on fire causing you to fail the level.

Sprinkle has funky graphics and music and is a pleasurable casual gaming experience.


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