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Granny Smith – Off The Hook Granny Android Game Fun

I have seen a few “Granny” apps in my day and I think that this may be one of the next big game genres to hit the iOS and Android OS platforms — maybe something like Granny Kills Angry Birds or Stick Stunt Granny — who knows? However, Granny Smith (by Mediocre) is a blast to play. I tested the Android version out for the Android app video review, but it’s also available for the iPhone and iPad. Your game objective is to help a feisty granny get her “Granny Smith” apples before the young punk thief does as you play throughout the 36 levels of roller-skating-mayhem gameplay. The developers at Mediocre also made the hit game Sprinkle, which had a very fresh game concept with unique fire fighting physics gameplay and memorable characters. It looks like these guys have got talent because this game is totally different, yet very fun.

The goal is to use Granny’s cane and the jump button to successfully get all 3 apples, as many coins as you can, and prevent the young thief from getting any. Your granny automatically rolls on roller skates, as does the juvenile thief which causes you both to race through levels jumping over water, pigs, crashing through houses, hanging on wires, skating in sewers — and much more as you play through the 36 crazy levels. You will quickly find that you have to do flips in the air, sometimes more than 1 (2 or more) to successfully catch wires, crash through houses and other dangerous feats. If you miss landing granny nearly flat on her roller skates, she crumbles to the ground with all collected coins rolling all over the place, but simply tap the cane button to get up and get going again. You can also use the cane to whack the upstart thief when you get close enough to him, you can also throw baseballs at him, drop banana peels to make him slip, all in an attempt to keep him from getting the apples before you do.

This game is fresh, fun and shows that virtual senior citizens are not to be messed with. Granny is resilient and if you want to protect her soft head, you can buy a helmet power-up which minimizes down time if you fall and lets you keep your coins in a fall. There are varied game environments ranging from neighborhoods, sewers, downtown, the zoo — and more. While there are only 36 levels currently, there are more on the way, and the guys at Mediocre definitely update games with plenty of content and do not gouge you to get that content. This brings up a good point. While there are in app purchases to buy coins to get power-ups, you largely do not need to do this because they allow you to earn plenty of coins through gameplay, and you get 5 of each power-up — again providing you the player a very good deal. Granny Smith is a great game on the iOS or Android platform, be sure to watch the Granny Smith Android App Video Review for this Android Arcade & Acton game.

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