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Gravity Guy 2 – Defy Gravity or Die! (Video)

Gravity Guy 2 challenges you to become “one” with gravity in this iPhone and iPad Games app. Learn to master gravity as you traverse your way across an endless world of lifting platforms, avoiding electrifying orbs, and powering-up your Gravity Guy to run even farther.

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YouTube App Video Link: Gravity Guy 2 iPad App Review – CrazyMikesapps

MiniClip, makers of some of the best casual games, recently released their latest Gravity Guy game, Gravity Guy 2. The original Gravity Guy endless runner game turned this game genre upside down. Your hero runs along platforms evading pursuing enemies while altering gravity as he runs on the ceiling as well as the ground.

Your goal in Gravity Guy 2 is to see how far you can get by lifting your hero at the right time to avoid orb obstacles as well as electrified red pools. Gravity Guy 2 is an excellent follow up to the original directional-force endless runner game.

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