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Great Chess Learning App – Kid Friendly, Easy as 1-2-3 (Video)

Chess Academy for Kids by Geek Kids (by Next Is Great) is an iPad and iPhone (iOS Universal) application that presents the classic game of chess in a super easy learning method, specifically created with kids in mind, but fun for the whole family featuring 140 tutorials and challenges (tasks), and more. I recall being an avid chess player when I was in middle school, but somewhere down the line I lost the love for this game of strategy; however, after looking at this application, it has stirred an interest again.

I discovered that this app is a good way to reintroduce yourself to the classic board game, as well as for learning chess the first time around, and should bring everyone up to speed in no time. This chess app has 2 main parts to it: 1) Tutorial/Practice and Practice and 2) Chess 2 players on the same device game and previous games (access previous gameplay moves).

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Basically, the tutorials and practice modes teach you through a couple of very easy steps. First, you start with tutorials that give you the basics of the game, chess pieces, including movement, points, and a load of other great overall game knowledge, but in a very easy-to-swallow method — not complicated or overwhelming at all. Once you work your way through a tutorial, you’ll have a couple of tasks presented to you that refer to the prior tutorial, and reinforce what you just learned in the tutorial. The chess game itself is very simple and meant for 2 players to play on the same device, iPad or iPhone.

If you’re curious to see how you lost a game and want to know why, it’s easy, just tap on the Previous Games button and you can watch and analyze each game, move by move. One last notable feature is the progress bar (that is on the left side of the screen), this bar keeps track of how far you have made it in the tutorials, as well as the tasks or challenges.

iPad and iPhone kids chess learning appiPad and iPhone kids chess learning app


Chess Academy for Kids by Geek Kids is a great game for young kids 5+ to begin their chess-learning experience with their parents, or for kids 8+ to independently strike out on their own and begin mastering their own chess destiny. What you have is a great classic game brought to the modern devices(iPhone and iPad), that is easy to learn, kid friendly, and good for the family sounds pretty good to me. Watch the video app demonstration below for a complete walk-through of this application.

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