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Learning Shapes iPad App for Kids

From the creators of fun educational apps for kids comes Doodle Critter Math: Shapes, the latest and greatest addition to the app collection by NCSOFT. Doodle Critter Math: Shapes was designed for toddlers and preschoolers (3-5 years old) to help them learn the basic geometric shapes/forms necessary for a strong foundation in the academic subject of Geometry.

But this iOS Universal Education app takes the average shape learning app and puts a fun spin on it by providing an entertaining craft environment that helps young kids learn to identify 6 basic shapes, sort them, match, remember, make, and find these shapes throughout 6 interactive learning activities.

Doodle Critter Math: Shapes, App Features

The basic shapes presented in this Education app are triangles, pentagons, hexagons, squares, rectangles, and circles. Your kids will learn to identify them by form name, unique shape, and number of lines and sides required to complete that shape. But aside from the educational aspect, the Doodle Critter Math app features playful music and whimsical Doodle Critter characters that young kids are sure to love as they learn shapes by completing fun craft puzzles.

Starting out on a unique craft-board background amid stick pins, felt and patterned fabric pieces, and colored yarn, your kids will meet the Doodle Critter characters who will introduce them to a fun, creative learning experience as they play and explore the following interactive activities.

6 Fun Craft and Shape Learning Activities Inside

1. Learn Shapes – The first place to start. Here kids are introduced to basic shapes. They learn about geometric shapes by tapping on the Doodle Critter shape to hear its name pronounced and to have the character place a number of dot points on the screen to show kids how its shape is formed, as well as how many sides to the shape, as it’s being drawn for them.

But the best part to this shape learning game comes afterwards when your kids get to use the different shapes to complete fun craft puzzles featuring animals such as penguins, giraffes, butterflies and more.

iPad Education App Doodle Critters Math Shapes

2. Sort Out Shapes – Apparently, Doodle Critters get hungry and need to be fed. Your kids can feed the Doodle Critters fabric pieces by selecting the correct fabric shape that matches their shape to help them grow big and tall. Snack shapes are repeated to reinforce the geometric learning as they feed the Doodle Critters matching pairs of triangles, hexagons, squares, and other shapes.

3. Match – Your kids will have an opportunity to match all the basic fabric shapes with real world objects by dragging the shape to the correct object shown. Toddlers and preschoolers will see how the hexagon shape is the same as a box top, how a rectangle is the same as a letter envelope, a circle looks like a pizza, a triangle for nacho chip, and a pentagon resembles the shape of the bird house.

4. Remember Shapes – This activity challenges young kids to remember the given shape(s) shown, which they then need to retrieve from the correct container that it is hidden in. The number of shapes presented and number of boxes provided increase gradually. And to keep your kids interested and engaged, Doodle Critter Math: Shapes adds a tricky shuffle feature that moves the containers around after the shapes have been hidden inside.

Learning Shapes for Kids iPad App

5. Make Different Shapes – If your kids love puzzles, they’ll love this particular activity. The objective in this shape learning activity is to drag different fabric pieces from the pile to complete the overall puzzle shape. As each puzzle piece is selected, its shape name is spoken. Your kids will be delighted to see how 3 triangles, 2 pentagons and 1 circle make a cute bunny once that shape puzzle is completed. And how triangles, rectangles, squares and circles reveal a lovable puppy with a wagging tail. There are 10 animal puzzles to complete in all.

Doodle Critter Math Shapes iPad Education App

6. Find Shapes – This geometry game will really challenge kids to test how well they’ve learned from the other shape learning activities. Your kids will travel to Fox’s house to complete a variety of scenes of Fox and Swan. The objective is to find all the different shapes hiding in the given scene. When asked to “find” a specific shape needed to complete the puzzle, kids will hunt to locate all the empty white spots representing that specific shape in the scene.

But not to worry because this iPhone and iPad app won’t leave your kids frustrated by the searching process. If help is needed, they can tap on each shape to get a helpful number hint that lets them know how many of that particular shape they’ll need to collect in order to complete the puzzle, as well as receive a visual hint that shows them exactly where to find them.

Education Shapes Game iPad Kids App

In addition to basic shape learning for toddlers and preschoolers, the Doodle Critter Math: Shapes app also provides the voice of a soothing female guide who gives lots of positive reinforcement to help direct kids and keep them focused on the various craft-themed activities to be done.

This iOS Universal Education app is also totally kid friendly with no accessible links to take them out of the app thanks to a Parents-Only Zone that requires solving a math equation to access. Here parents can adjust settings (music, language choice – English or Korean, get in touch with developer, and find out more about NCSOFT’s other educational apps).


If you want to introduce your kids to early Geometry through a creative and fun “out-of-the-box” shape-learning app, then you’ll want to download this $0.99 iOS Universal Education app now using the iTunes App Store link below.

Download The Doodle Critter Math: Shapes App Now!

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