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Green Smoothies Recipes App Uses Common and Affordable Superfoods

Superfoods Smoothies App
We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but most of us don’t eat enough of them, which is why Green Smoothies have become so popular. Green Smoothies by Ascension Kitchen is an iOS Universal Food & Drink app that comes with 30 quick and easy green smoothies recipes using affordable and common superfoods found at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. In addition to the tasty and nutritious drink recipes, this iPhone and iPad app brings you beautiful photos, health benefits for every listed ingredient and simple tips and tricks to make your juicing easier. You’ll also be able to make a shopping list in seconds, create a list of your own favorite green smoothies recipes, and more in this iOS health app that’ll help you look and feel better.

App Details

Aside from helping you meet your recommended daily food and vegetable allowance, the green smoothie superfoods found in this app provide beneficial nutrients, enzymes, fibre, natural sugars, and are great for your digestive system. These smoothie recipes can help you lose weight, protect against cancers, diseases and other adverse health conditions. And since green smoothies combine multiple fruits and vegetables into one superfoods drink, it’s a whole lot easier to consume what you need.

The Green Smoothies by Ascension Kitchen app was created by Lauren Glucina, a Certified Raw Foods Chef and Health Coach who also has a blog revolving around plant based raw foods and nutritious food recipes. All green smoothies recipes in this app are dairy free, contain water, nut milk, coconut water, or are green tea based. The focus of this health app is to include common superfoods that are accessible to most people. You’ll find common fruit and vegetable recipes with affordable ingredients like spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, mangos, bananas, pineapple, honey, ginger, basil, walnuts, dates, cinnamon and more.

Green Smoothies iPhone App Review

The app itself has a beautiful design and gorgeous photos that’ll tempt you to try each and every one of the 30 green smoothies recipes, which can be found under these main categories: Anti-inflammatory, Beauty, Cleanse, Digestion, Energy, Immunity and Recovery. The user interface is ultra smooth and the navigation makes it simple to access all areas of the app. There is also a short video to teach you how to make your own nut milk, and access to the Ascension Kitchen website from within the app.

You can either view and get to all the green smoothies recipes from the main screen or in the Menu area. If you’re a Pinterest fan, you’ll appreciate how all the green smoothies display similar to a Pinterest-type board. If you click on a photo it tells you the green smoothie’s category group and provides some appealing drink images. You’ll also be able to view ingredients for each green drink under its smoothie name. The only downside to the recipes is that they are created for 1 serving, so you’ll have to do some manual calculating/converting if you’re making a batch of these healthy drinks. Adding these green smoothies recipes to your shopping list is fast and the app does a decent job of grouping by each “Smoothie” recipe or “Total” ingredients, but could be better by segmenting types of ingredients (liquids, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.).

Green Smoothies Recipes iPhone App


There’s a lot to like about this green smoothies app and the 30 health drinks provided. The only real negative for me was not being able to share a recipe I liked. I discovered that only the image and a link to download the app were able to be shared. Regardless, my daughters and I did test out 2 of the healthy drink recipes as an after school snack: the Double Dragon green smoothie for energy and the Aura Beauty recipe. They were actually very pleasant tasting after using Lauren’s suggestion to sweeten them with dates, honey, and/or citrus.

Thanks to green smoothies and superfoods apps like this one, you can start reaping the benefits of weight loss and better health right away. You can download the Green Smoothies by Ascension Kitchen app for your iPhone or iPad now using the iTunes App Store link below.

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