Grendel’s Great Escape, Humorous iPad Storybook For Kids

Grendel’s Great Escape HD is an iPad storybook that will lead your kids on an exciting adventure with a young boy named Martin and his lovable ferret named Grendel. In this interactive Books app, you’ll discover what happens when Martin takes his curious and rambunctious pet to school one day for Show and Tell. Grendel’s Great Escape features a funny storyline, 2 reading modes, colorful graphics, original music, 50+ animations and more to engage young readers.

Grendel's Great Escape iPad Storybook

Martin is a typical boy with an unusual pet that he’s excited to share with his classmates. However, what Martin thinks will be a regular day at school turns into a crazy look and find adventure when Grendel goes missing from his backpack. Join Martin and his friends as they hunt through the school to find his curious pet before the grizzly Mr. B. does.

This interactive iPad storybook was written especially for children 3-8 years old and can be read in 2 reading modes: Read to Me or Read by Myself. Words are highlighted in this book to help emerging readers follow along. And kids will enjoy listening to the story told by a pleasant sounding narrator, as well as other character actors. The Grendel’s Great Escape app has professional artwork, and an original music score and sound effects done by an award-winning composer. There are also 50+ characters and objects throughout this book that kids can tap on to really bring this book to life. To find out how Martin and Grendel’s day ends, you’ll have to download this book to find out.

Grendel's Great Escape iPad Storybook

Grendel’s Great Escape iPad Storybook Summary

– An engaging and relatable story
– Fun, interactive animation and sound
– Original music score and sound effects by an award-winning composer
– 2 reading modes: Read to Me or Read by Myself settings, perfect for a range of young readers
– Beautiful illustrations by a professional children’s book illustrator
– Over 50 Touchable objects and animation
– Page Index for quick access to any part of the story
– Story written for children 3-8 years old

− DOES NOT contain In app advertisements served from 3rd party ad networks
− DOES NOT integrate with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
− DOES NOT track a user’s location from the app
− DOES NOT contain links to external internet sites
− DOES NOT contain In App Purchase functionality, allowing users to purchase content through buy or unlock features within the app

Grendel's Great Escape iPad Storybook

* 11/29/13 – Grendel’s Great Escape HD by Michelle Anaya usually sells for $3.99, but this iPad Books app is reduced to only $1.99 for a limited time.

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