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Trashers (by RGH Games) is an arcade-action type game featuring Gus and Nico (our garbage heroes) who battle trash monsters in 3 different worlds, each including 3 levels of gameplay. The garbage truck treks its way through neighborhoods, the mall and other locations cleaning up the streets and taking on the garbage criminals working for Doctor O. Munch the garbage in the streets with your garbage truck to turn your meter green, which then allows you to fend off the evil garbage monsters in a turn-based fight, where Nico and Gus along with their segull pal battle a variety of monsters.

Trashers FREE iPhone Game App ReviewTrashers FREE iPhone Game App Review

There is also a mini game, which requires you to sort the recyclables into their proper containers and provides a power-up if completed correctly. Trashers only has 9 levels currently, with the first 3 being FREE to play and the remaining game levels can be purchased within the app. Hop aboard and clean up the grime crime with Gus and Nico.
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Trashers FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Trashers
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 74.3 MB
Developer: RGH Games LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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Trashers - RGH Games LLC

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Trashers FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Let’s clean up this city! Hop on board the City Haul garbage truck with Gus and Nico to collect all the stinky trash and defeat the evil Doctor O and her minions, the Trashers!

Doctor O is the most dangerous opossum the world has ever known — and it’s your job to stop her! The evil doctor wants to overrun every city and town with stinky, filthy garbage and only 2 trash collectors are brave enough to stop her, Gus and Nico.

As you drive around town, your feathered friend Skiff will guide you as you clean up the dirty streets. Quickly collect trash cans to power up because evil trash monsters are looking for a fight. Defeat them with your trash-based weapons and defend yourself as they throw bags of garbage your way.

Your goal is to defeat all the trash monsters and clean up the town as fast as you can! You can also play fun mini-games to earn valuable bonuses along the way. Complete the levels to enter Doctor O’s Lair for one final battle.

Try the game for FREE and get instant access to the 3 levels in Surburbia. Want more trash day fun? Upgrade using the in-app purchase to play all 9 levels including Surburbia, Urbanon, and Filth Fortress.

Drive your garbage truck through the mall, city, airport, and more. The clock is ticking as you race through the streets picking up the garbage. Every trash can you collect gives you more strength on your Trash Meter for when it’s time to battle the trash monsters that block your path.

Each level is not only littered with garbage, it’s also crawling with slimy trash monsters like Sludger, Junkster, and Alumiknight who want to stop you from cleaning up their home. Use your trash-based weapons to attack, and you also have your friend Skiff to help. But watch out — the trash monsters are throwing garbage bags and toxic waste right at you!

With the lovable and funny characters Gus and Nico, Trashers is fun for kids and kids at heart. The game is filled with icky, gooey adventures as you collect trash and fight monsters. Trashers has an eco-friendly message that encourages recycling with its fun mini-game.

Features of the Trashers game include:

* Fun and exciting – Fight the filth by racing to collect as much trash as you can

* Explore different worlds – Drive your garbage truck through 3 dirty worlds and 9 levels when you upgrade to the full app

* Fight trash monsters – Defeat Doctor O and her evil minions who want to trash the town

* Easy to learn – Intuitive gameplay puts you in the driver’s seat right away

* Earn trophies – Complete each level within the time goals to earn trophies and show off your wins on GameCenter

Ready for some good, clean fun? Play Trashers today!

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