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Grocery Mate – Customizable and Easy to Use Shopping List

Grocery shopping…..ugh! I think it ranks right up there with a trip to the dentist, as far as the enjoyability factor goes. And since we all need to eat, you can approach this necessary but dreaded grocery shopping task in one of two ways: head to the store with no definite plan and aimlessly wander about tossing things into your cart, OR, make a smart game plan allowing you to get only what you need and get out quickly. And that smart game plan involves creating a grocery list. The Grocery Mate – Easy to Use Shopping List app (by SMS Services O.o.o.) is a nice FREE Productivity app to help you do that. This mobile app will help you to create lists, mark items off with a simple swipe, and share your lists with others.

When setting up your grocery list, you have an opportunity to customize the look and information you want included from the Settings area. There are 3 background skins to choose from in this iPhone application: Leather, Metallic or Wooden. However, you have to share Grocery Mate on Facebook or Twitter to unlock the Wooden background. There is some other customization like being able to change the font size and currency (6 types), as well as the option to exclude more in-depth information if you don’t need it: Units measuring, Comments, and Price.

iphone app reviewiphone app review

Lists can be created in 2 formats: a running list that will let you add items individually one on top of the other (no categories) or a more organized and categorized approach, which I prefer because it places items in logical group types. You’ll be able to easily add items in the “ADD PRODUCT” space on your created list. As you type in an item, suggested items from Grocery Mate’s database populate for quicker entry, and I found that many most common/popular items showed up. The measuring unit choices had relevant options (Pcs, Kg, Pack, L, Gal, Box, Ea, Oz, Lbs, Large, Small, Cans), but could also use some other practical options like: bag, jar, and dozen. When there wasn’t an appropriate choice I used the “COMMENTS” slot to specify units and brand. I didn’t use the “PRICE” category because it didn’t make the most sense for me making a list ahead of time. However, it’s a great feature to use while in the store adding items to your cart because it gives you a running tab and calculates your total food costs as you go.

When you have collected the items needed, simply swipe to the right and a line appears through that item and moves it to the bottom of the list. If you accidentally marked off the wrong item, simply swipe to the left and it goes right back to its original spot. Besides having a “Lists” tab, there is also a “Costs” area that allows you to keep track of the total cost for each of your stops, as wells as a category designation (Groceries, Pharmacy, Baby, Home, Pet Products, Car, etc.). This iPhone Productivity app also allows you to share your list(s) and send to others via e-mail. List can also be created on their website ( — for those without a smartphone) and sent to a smartphone, and shared amongst other smartphone users. I liked being able to create a list and share it with my husband, as well as add to our list and have it update simultaneously when I forgot to add a few things. It was also nice to see all the items on the list marked off by him when he added them to the cart.

Overall, this FREE iPhone Productivity app was very helpful and useful in creating a grocery list. However, initially, it did take a little time, investigating, and trial-and-error before I felt like I had it all figured it out, but there is some useful help/information in the Settings section if you need it to help you get started.

So if you’re looking for a higher tech method than pen and paper to create your next shopping list, the Grocery Mate – Easy to Use Shopping List may just be the Productivity app you’ve been searching for.

Grocery Mate iPhone App Details

Title: Grocery Mate – Easy to Use Shopping List
Price: Free
Size: 12.0 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: SMS Services O.o.o.
Store: iTunes App Store

Grocery Mate iPhone App Download Link

Grocery Mate - Easy to Use Shopping List - SMS Services O.o.o.

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Grocery Mate iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Grocery Mate puts the super back in supermarket. With a built-in database of all sorts of items, all divided into common-sense categories you’ll never write a shopping list again! The app synchronizes lists between different devices as well as via the web at

Plan your list in advance, walk around the store, pop food into your basket and cross out the items with a swipe of a finger. Save and share your shopping lists with relatives and friends via the website and your iPhone.


☆ Quickly create a shopping list using a built-in database of items. Goods are suggested as you type, then added to your list with a tap of a finger. The app automatically identifies the relevant category/department, making shopping faster than ever before.

☆ Create lists on the web
Users without a smartphone can create and share shopping lists with you via the web site and send them to your phone.

☆ Automatic list synchronization
Log into your account at to browse previously created lists. You can also create new lists and they will be automatically available on your smartphone.

☆ Sharing lists
Shopping lists can be used simultaneously with other smartphone users. Simply access the list using the same account and they will automatically synchronize across all your devices. You’ll always have an updated status of what’s been purchased and what hasn’t.

Basic functions:
☆ Filter items by category or department
☆ Cross out goods as you go
☆ Add prices, measurement units, and comments using app settings☆ Store expense records by category and dates
☆ Use and edit existing lists

☆ Change list design themes

☆ Send lists via e-mail

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