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Running Fred, Gruesome Free Endless Runner iPhone Game (Video)

Fred is back in Running Free, a free iPhone endless runner game! This time in an eerie and gory endless runner game: flipping, running, and falling his way into painful obstacles and traps he’s trying to avoid throughout the many different game modes. If you do not know Fred, he is a normal guy with the unfortunate propensity to have pain inflicted upon him.

He debuted in Falling Fred, a most brutal game where Fred falls down a shaft and it’s your duty to help Fred dodge the many sharp and impaling objects for as long as possible. Running Fred has a similar feel, but now, Fred is running for his life because he’s being chased down by the Grim Reaper (aren’t we all?). There are 3 game modes to hone your Fred running skills in (Adventure, Challenge and Endless Survival).

Running Fred has a tremendous amount of gameplay for FREE, and you can earn both silver and gold Skullies through continued gameplay to help you upgrade Fred’s skills, avatars, and locations. The real challenge is to see how far you can get in Running Fred, a truly gruesome and  fun endless runner game. Watch our other iPad video app demos .

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Running Fred FREE iPad GamesRunning Fred FREE iPad Games

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