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Gun Strike, Excellent Android Arcade FPS Game! (Video)

You’re a faceless mercenary in Gun Strike, an excellent arcade FPS Games app. Gun Strike features changing environments, squatty looking cartoon enemies and 22 weapons to choose from.


You shoot from a stationary position with a “floating gun” that you aim by dragging it around the screen with your finger. There is a shoot, grenade, and reload button on the bottom right. The gameplay is timed, meaning you have a few seconds to shoot enemies before they begin shooting you. Each level is made up of waves of enemies that you have to gun your way through. There are 8 game areas in story mode and 2 other game modes (mini games, survival).



The Android version we checked out has no in app purchases, other than to remove ads. The ads that are in the Gun Strike game do not interfere with the gameplay, so you can absolutely play this first person shooter game for free. As the enemies get more difficult, like the knife attacking gas mask dude, or the rocket launcher, you will be able to upgrade through the 22 weapons.

Gun Strike is an awesome first person arcade shooter game for Android, and good for anyone who enjoys this genre of game.

Gun Strike is also available for the iPhone and iPad free, so download below!

gun strike android app video review



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