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Gunner Z – The Ground Version of Zombie Gunship (Video)

Drive through Metroit in the new zombie shooter game, Gunner Z. Your mission, exterminate zombies with a brutalizing AC-HMV equipped with a gatling gun with extreme prejudice. Being a Detroit native, I dig that the zombie consumed city in this game is called “Metroit.”

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This zombie shooter game, by BitMonster, features a unique mechanized killing machine called the AC-HMV. The AC- HMV is reminds me of the AC-130 gunship used in Zombie Gunship. With the black and white street view of Metroit, this game has a similar feel as you rip through zombies with the powerful gatling gun. This freemium game has a decent storyline, lots of action, but provides a stiff pay-to-play experience.

There are currently 30 challenging missions, including boss battles, and only 1 killing machine. The AC-HMV is great and while you can add firepower at a price, changing its colors is less than exciting.

Gunner Z is a blast and got my heart pounding, but I found the farther I played the more money this game cost me.

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