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The H.Bloom florists take their high-end floral and plant delivery service mobile with the H.Bloom Gifts iPhone app. Now, in addition to beautiful flowers and plants sent to homes, businesses, weddings and corporate events, the H.Bloom Gifts app gives you the opportunity and convenience of sending flowers and other quality gifts right from your iPhone.

H. Bloom Gifts iPhone App

H.Bloom has partnered with local quality merchants to provide specialty gift giving options. Now you can “woo” family, friends, significant other, and business associates with yummy looking chocolate, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, and macarons that are sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Or maybe ambient candles and sweet-smelling soaps are more to your liking? In addition to these great gifts, you’ll be glad to know that your H.Bloom gifts can also be hand delivered by the next day in most cases.

This Lifestyle app has an excellent and easy-to-use user interface. Simply use the calendar to select your hand delivery date and choose your city. Flower and gift options vary slightly from city to city. You can expect to pay $50-$150 for flowers and plants no matter where you’re at. Cupcakes will start at $21+, French macarons $18+ for 1/2-2 dozen colorful treats. Or select delightful-looking chocolate bonbons and truffles for $25+. Or how about mouthwatering cake balls and doughnuts starting at $15? But if you want to skip the heavy calories, then opt for a no-calorie treat and tantalize someone’s sense of smell with the variety of scented candles beginning at $30+.

H.Bloom Gifts ApplicationiPhone Gift App, H.Bloom Gifts

Another nice thing about H.Bloom is that they also offer an ongoing subscription based flower delivery for weekly, monthly, and custom delivery dates should you want to send or receive floral arrangements on a regular basis. But before you get too excited about all this, the downside is that the H.Bloom services are only available in limited locations: Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas. However, there are plans to expand to include more cities in the future.


Whatever your occasion may be, the H.Bloom iPhone app gives you an opportunity to send quality gifts that you’ll be proud to send, as well as gifts you’d probably like to receive.

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The H. Bloom Gifts application is not currently available in the iTunes App Store, please see the below article for another awesome iPhone gift app.

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