Hair Plucker – iPhone CRAP App Review, Really, What Next Hemorrhoid Popper?

As far as iPhone CRAP apps go, Hair Plucker is right up their with the worst. Why you ask? Well, let me rant. The game objective is to pull hair off a sexy cartoon image, which is just wrong to begin with. Second, the gameplay is atrocious, you wiggle hair back and forth (to line up a bar to a particular area), holding it there while a timer counts down and if successful the hair is plucked. Beyond that, the app navigation is really terrible. Once into the game you cannot get out unless you exit the app and close the application. Other issues encountered were freezes, screwed up zoom in and zoom out, and again, lack of in app navigation. Hair Plucker is an iPhone CRAP app and gets CrazyMikesapps badge of CRAPNESS. Although this app has been downloaded quite a bit, the reviews in iTunes have been scathing, but really what is next “Hemorrhoid Poppper?” Watch our other iPhone video app reviews for more awesome iPhone app videos. CM

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Hair Plucker iPhone/iPod Touch App Details

Title: Hair Plucker
Price: FREE
Size: 8.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Moxy Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Hair Plucker iPhone/iPod Touch App Download Link

Hair Plucker - Moxy Games

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

iPhone/iPod Touch App Developers Description

*** OMG, HAIR PLUCKER IS #1 IN 64 COUNTRIES!!! Haven’t tried our app yet? What are you waiting for? Start your week right and get some LOLs! 😀 ****

Why is there a Hair Plucker app, you ask? Because it’s PLUCKING awesome! 😉

Have you been playing the Pimple Popper app and wondering what else can top that? Wait no further as the same people who created that app are proud to present Hair Plucker – a new GBA (Gross-But-Addicting) app for you! 3 types of hairs to pull out: short, long, ingrown. And yes, the same people that you love grossing out with our Pimple Popper app will probably react the same way when they see you playing this! 😉 So “hairy” up and download now! Happy plucking!

TIPS ON PLUCKING: We’ve heard from some users that they are not quite sure how to pluck the hair. We find that it’s easiest to use your thumb and pull away from the hair using pressure. Hold down as the green bar is filling up and adjust the pressure you put on the thumb until the round meter fills up. Any other questions, drop us an email at We’ll be posting a tutorial video soon! 🙂

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