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Halloween Puzzles, Great Jigsaw Puzzles To Challenge Everyone!

If you love jigsaw type puzzles, then you’ll be a huge fan of the Halloween puzzles in the Hell Puzzle app. Although I’m not a fan of the “Hell Puzzle” app name, I am a fan of the quality content and the awesome jigsaw puzzle gameplay that this Games app brings to the iPad. These Halloween puzzles are great for the beginner but will also challenge even the best puzzle player as you test your skill in the most “Horribly” difficult level.



Hell Puzzle comes with 16 different Halloween-themed puzzles that’ll appeal to the whole family and a wide range of ages. Halloween puzzles consist of real photos images of glowing jack-o-lanterns, decorated cupcakes and even candy and eyeballs in a bowl. The rest of the images are cute cartoon scenes with more pumpkins, flying bats and other holiday related characters.

The developer, d-Studio, put a lot of thought into this special Halloween puzzles app, which is obvious in all the extras details that take this iPad app beyond the usual apps of its genre. The gameplay controls are smooth and intuitive too making for a great playing experience. Hell Puzzles also provides a nice variety of puzzle piece gesture movements that can make the gameplay easier or more challenging. You choose.



In addition, there are a variety of difficulty levels with fun names to give you an idea of what to expect: Easy, Dangerously, Scary and Horribly. Basically, that means you or your kids can start out with a 2×2 board that has 4 puzzle pieces to complete the selected image. On the other hand, you can take the difficulty level to the extreme end (Dangerously) and try to complete a 15×20 grid of that same image using 300 puzzle pieces.

Thee Halloween puzzles in the Hell Puzzle app give you a ton of custom game playing options that can’t be beat. You can choose your puzzle piece shapes, timed or untimed gameplay, game table backgrounds, game table scale, puzzle rotation, and much more. One of my absolute favorite touches is the spider that skittles randomly across the game board as you play. I have to admit it, it startled me a few times. Why not leave it on and prank someone you know for some harmless fun? But if you’re totally creeped out by spiders, you can turn this fun feature off in the Settings area.



Also, once you’ve completed a puzzle, you can save it to your photo library and use as a wallpaper. d-Studio even gives you the option to remove puzzle lines from your image and save as a jigsaw-free image. And if you want to share with others on Twitter, you can.

Hell Puzzle is a top-quality Halloween puzzles app that you and your family will definitely enjoy playing, especially during the Halloween season. And the absolute best part is that this Halloween edition of the Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle app is now a free app to honor the occasion. But only for a limited time! You can download this iPad application using the App Store link below.

Download The Hell Puzzle Halloween Puzzles App Now



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