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Halloween WordSearch App With Spooky Sounds And Animations

While hunting for a fun and free Halloween-themed word search app, I came across Halloween WordSearch. This iOS Universal Games app appears pretty unassuming at first but upon a closer look I uncovered some little hidden details that changed my mind.



Halloween WordSearch comes with 3 different backgrounds themes to choose from (Pumpkin, Witch, and Scarecrow). You can select any or all of them to be your favorite background and let the game automatically rotate them out as you play. The graphics are nice but didn’t wow me. What caught my attention was the spooky sounds and animated pumpkins and stars I discovered during gameplay.

You get 12 words per game board with traditional halloween words such as: zombie, bones, warts, crucifix, Dracula, and so on. There is also a 5 minute timer option if you want to give yourself more of a challenge while trying to find all the hidden words. And what happens if you don’t find all the words before your time is up? Well, I’ll let you discover your “cackling demise” for yourself.



The most interesting thing about Halloween WordSearch is the word hunt itself. When you are searching for a word, you’ll drag your finger across each letter to complete the word. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a one-key-tap for every letter I passed over, and a creepy strumming sound when my word was completed. And, depending on your chosen background, each letter you drag your finger over changes to a glowing pumpkin or a black star.



Overall, Halloween WordSearch is a quality free word game with some fun and spooky Halloween-themed extras.

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