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Hambo, Funny iPhone Casual Game, That’s One Tough Side of Pork! (Video)

Hambo is the Rambo of pigs and he proves it in this new casual game featuring 200 + levels and 20 disguises for plenty of bacon-sizzling action, and the action is truly sizzling in this new casual iPhone game also available on the iPad.

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Your a pig on a mission to take out any and all enemy pigs standing in his way of rescuing his friend Bacon. Seriously, minus the bad storyline, this game is rather entertaining. The game mechanics are similar to Fragger, another miniclip iPhone game hit. Your angry pig uses both a semi-auto pistol and a submachine gun to lay down the gauntlet on the interfering enemy pigs.

One word of caution, your portly hero can make barbecue out of himself, so be sure not to shoot your hero.

Hambo is a cheeky name referring to the obvious awesome hit movie Rambo, but this pig does not come off as anything like Rambo. But nonetheless, this game is packed with plenty of content with the over 200 levels to play through, and all things considered, it is a very reasonable purchase.

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