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Hands On Equations 2 – Makes Algebra Easy! (Video)

Hands On Equations 2 is an easy-to-use algebra app that picks up where the first version, Hands On Equations, left off. Math has never been one of my strong subjects, but the “Hands On Equations” method presents algebra in a tangible, common sense approach that just clicked for me.

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YouTube App Video Link: Hands On Equations 2 iPad App Review

By using this math method, young kids 8 and up (to even high school students) are benefiting from learning in an easy-to-understand way. During my testing for the video app demo, I found that I was able to jump into several lessons by watching the example video and then working through the problem. If at any time I got stuck, the example video is always there to re-watch, making this app my personal tutor.

During all lesson problems, you will find the opportunity to check your answer. This user interface is also easy to use, even though this is a math app.

Hands On Equations 2 worked so well for me that we have downloaded this on our kids’ iPad to help them increase their maths skills before heading off to college.

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  1. […] Hands on Equations 2 is the second in a series of excellent and unique algebra Education apps. The Hands On Equations 2 app, for the iPhone and iPad, will provide your child with a unique learning method based on the original offline algebra learning method. This introductory algebra app will benefit kids in the elementary, middle and high school range, especially those students struggling with traditional teaching methods. […]