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Hang in… Go! – Very Challenging Casual Physics Game!

Hang in….Go! (by Sylphe labs) is an iPhone game that features a freaky and resourceful green blob who stretches, swings, swims and sticks to things throughout the 17 challenging levels and 6 dynamic worlds of unique physics and gravity-based gameplay. This iPhone game quite possibly uses every technological feature possible while playing this game. You will touch your screen with 1, 2 fingers, swipe in all directions, turn your device upside down, and side to side all in an effort to move your friendly, little green blob safely through each level within this game. Your green blob is the result of a failed science experiment and now you must help it traverse the many large and tricky levels to complete this game successfully. Once you start, you’ll have the option to go through the 6 tutorials (Basis, Swing, Stretch, Tentacles, Sling, and Free Gravity) to learn how to move your green blob — then the real fun begins. Once your done with the tutorial or if your brave and jump right in you will be immersed in various environments that require specific physics movements all which include numerous hazards, secret areas — and more.

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I found the game to be significantly challenging overall. This may look like a cute game but the challenging difficulty of the physics should not be underestimated. You may find yourself stuck at times, but this is part n parcel because you have not figured out the puzzle in order to move your character forward. One thing that I found a bit frustrating was that I could not see all the levels that I had to go from the tutorials (each new environment), which while cool, there’s something that makes me want to be able to see what I cannot have. For example: levels that may need to be unlocked, but at least I can see a goal ahead. The only other issue is that there is a slight delay in between your green glob dying and restarting the game — which can be a bit annoying. However, I think Hang in…Go! is another sleeper iPhone game hit that is just as much an above average difficulty puzzle game as it is casual game. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Hang in…..Go iPhone App Details

Title: Hang in…..Go
Price: $1.99
Category: Games
Size: 70.6 MB
Developer: Sylphe labs s.r.l.
Store: iTunes App Store

Hang in…..Go iPhone App Download Link

Hang in... Go! - Sylphe labs s.r.l.

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Hang in…..Go iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

“Sylphe labs is off to a strong start with its Hang in… Go!” –

“The controls of the game is what makes this game unique […]”
“[…] the overall concept is outstanding and unique!” –
minimum requirement: iPhone 3GS

The hero, a small green jelly living blob, born from a failed experiment, will have to wonder through colorful dynamic worlds, by means only of his amazing tentacles that let him stick to almost every surface. (and if it does not stick, you’ll see)
Learn how to control one or both tentacles to grapple, collect objects, swim or turn your hero into a sling.
Use one or two fingers to control the limbs or the device accelerometer to stretch, swing and alter the gravity in special areas.
The original design of the 6 worlds and the evocative and immersive sound tracks will bring you a cool game experience.
The 17 game levels will challenge your skill, dexterity and intuition with growing difficulty and length.

Main Features:
– 6 step-by-step tutorials, teaching the basics of movement and game dynamics.
– 17 tricky growing length levels, full of cunning traps and life-saving check-points.
– 6 secret hidden areas unveiled by tiny clues spread all around levels, will let you improve your score.
– 3 or more hours of game play.
– Multitouch user friendly interface without any on screen buttons or virtual pads.
– Full interactive physics. Interact with a true physical environment by touch and device movement.
– Special gravity areas; discover funny special gravity situations like free gravity areas and underwater movement.
– Challenging score system; Collect the more bonuses you can in the less time possible and improve your skill.
– 7 cool soundtrack; Enjoy the world inspired music themes.

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