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Harlem Shake Launcher Gets Your Android Apps Shaking (Funny Video)

The “Harlem Shake” dance has taken the world by storm and now your Android apps can get dancing with the Harlem Shake Launcher app by Shush. Gone are the days of boring device screens where Android apps just sit still waiting for you to tap on them to open.

watch the Harlem Shake Launcher app video now!


Now, the Harlem Shake Launcher strikes the beat of this trending, iconic song and within a few seconds your Android apps are wildly shaking about. The first time I launched the Harlem Shake Launcher I was awestruck by the dancing app icons. While you can only make your Android app icons dance inside the application section, it does not matter because it is too funny. Yes, I concede that watching apps dance on my Android is stupid and silly, but I like it. The apps dance to the same “Harlem Shake” song that has taken the US by storm, much like the “Gangnam Style” dance.

As a launcher, the Harlem Shake Launcher is just okay. There is some cool launcher functionality like scrolling through your apps vertically instead of horizontally. However, accessing widgets and shortcuts is a hassle and seems to provide incomplete functionality.

Regardless, if you want to smile, install the Harlem Shake Launcher and tap on the LOL. Or, just watch our Harlem Shake Launcher app video now and see Android apps get down!


Download The Harlem Shake Launcher App Now

*The Harlem Shake Launcher is no longer available in the Google Play App Store!

The Harlem Shake 3D Launcher is an alternate Android app available in Google Play.



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