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Harry’s House for iPhone – Think Fast or Perish!

In this new iPhone action defense game, Harry’s House (by motionflow), you’ll help Harry fight back the many different enemy zombies invading his house in order to save the town from the threatening zombie invasion, armed with only a slingshot and a variety of unconventional weapons — that’s a big task at hand. This casual game puts you (Harry) behind a barricade of tables armed with only your trusty slingshot and a big mission: save the town, or more importantly, save your own butt from the waves of pesky zombies that come at you in lane-style gameplay. You move Harry (with your finger) by tapping on a lane in which zombies are coming at you in to shoot them with your slingshot. Just be sure that you are tapping on the right lane because you’ll quickly find out that Harry is needed in more than one place at a time — after only a few levels. There are 2 ways to shoot Harry’s slingshot: 1) auto, which takes the pressure off, but is a bit slower or 2) manual, which is based on how fast you can swipe, which is great, but you must stay focused when using this shooting selection or you may slip and miss your mark. Besides the slingshot, there are some other unusual weapons that Harry gets access to as he completes more and more levels.

Harry's House iPhone game app reviewHarry's House iPhone game app review

The items range from hamburgers (these distract and slow the zombies down while they eat their meat treat), fans (blow the zombies backwards), tacks (cause overall light damage), and many more odd weapons of destruction that come as you get further into the game — you’ll get more (up to 20). However, you have to make a tough decision before you play each level because you only have a limited number of unconventional weapons to select from to help you combat the relentless zombies. This version has 6 stages with 6 levels, each level includes numerous waves of goofy, yet dangerous zombies that want to kill you. There is an iOS Universal version ($1.99) and an iOS FREE version that you can check out as well. Harry’s House is a entertaining and fast-paced (somewhat silly) zombie shooter game featuring a resourceful backpack-toting hero as your only chance to survive — think fast or perish! Watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Harry’s House for iPhone App Details

Title: Harry’s House for iPhone
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 73.7 MB
Developer: motionflow
Store: iTunes App Store

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Harry's House for iPhone - motionflow

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Harry’s House for iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Speedy action of the new-style defense game
Support System : Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation).Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese,

-new style action Defense game
-Dynamic character animation and cartoon-like feel!!!
-over 20 different enemies..
-over 20 different item..
-78stage(normal+hard mode)
-dynamic Arms control and items

[How to play]
1.Weapons fire to the slide.
2.Move the character with a touch

One night, strange noises started to reverberate throughout the village…

… and those sounds became more and more severe.

The cause of it all had to be monsters!

Then suddenly, a few days later, the first monster finally appeared… and started to attack the villagers with a ferocious and seemingly unbound rage.

People started to disappear one by one… it seemed like all hope was lost.

Then one day they attacked Harrys house… and that was their mistake… because upon hearing the news Harry ran home and made it his mission to drive the monsters before him and rescue everyone.
Take control of Harry in this unique twist on a Defense game. Fast paced, action pack and with stunning graphics, if you don’t get this app, a whole village will perish… could you ever live with yourself after that?

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