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Fun Physics Game: Swing King (Video)

The Swing King physics game is a very strange, but fun-to-play action game that features a bouncy king (with long arms) that you shoot through 92 levels of puzzle fun. This physics game includes boss battles and a variety of hats to unlock and wear. If you’re looking for a quick escape into another world, then you will want to pick up this contagiously fun physics game for the iPhone and iPad. Immediately upon opening the app I felt like I entered an insane world full of silliness. The cartoon graphics and sounds put a smile on my face, and to see “Slash” from Guns and Roses as the Boss(I had to battle) was an added plus. You’re not really battling Slash, but the boss does look freakishly like the hardcore rocker.

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Start the fun by pulling back on your Swing King and shoot him following the dotted path to collect all the stars. Yes, you guessed it, you’re trying to get all the stars, but this game breaks from most games and adds more than 3 stars on many levels (oh, Heavens!). This physics game was a bit too easy for me in the beginning, but eventually added moveable obstacles, enemies to dodge, and other problems I had to solve in this action puzzle game. The Boss Battles are a bit odd, instead of 1 battle I had 3 mini levels to complete the first Boss Battle. I suspect the remaining Boss Battles either add more mini levels or are the same.



Swing King is a family-friendly physics game that is a great value for iPhone and iPad owners because it features 92 levels and works on both devices at a cost of only $0.99. As an added bonus, you should expect to see more levels soon because the developers are already working on another Swing King world for you to conquer. Did you download this app? Is it too easy? Do you like it? Hate it? Let us know your thoughts if you’ve had a chance to do a little physics gaming with the Swing King.



YouTube App Video Link: Swing King iPad App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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