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Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Recipes App – Authentic Spanish Cuisine

iPad App Review for Healthy Mediterranean Recipes App

Excite your taste buds with authentic Spanish cuisine made from healthy Mediterranean recipes developed by two chefs for this ethnic cooking app. You will discover these easy Mediterranean recipes for yourself in the Photo Recipe Step by Step – Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Food Recipes for Every Occasion application. This iOS Universal Food & Drink app features food dishes from 4 different course categories, high quality photos, step-by-step directions, cooking tips, a cooking glossary, plus more to make it quick and easy for you to cook Mediterranean meals like a pro.

iPad Mediterranean Recipes App Review

Photo Recipe Step by Step App Features

The Mediterranean diet is synonymous with healthy food that tastes great, and chefs David Medina and Marcos Martin Amiama Biurrum made sure to include the most popular Mediterranean inspired recipes of Spain when they created dishes for the Photo Recipe Step by Step. These culinary delights appear to have a definite Spanish influence as well as a dash of Italian. And although this mobile app does not focus on providing health and nutritional information with its recipes, the app does include the typical groups of food you would expect to see in the Mediterranean food pyramid and diet.

Photo Recipe Step by Step includes standard ingredients that are the foundation of all healthy Mediterranean recipes: olive oil, garlic, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and seasonings, grains and nuts, fish, meat and poultry, eggs, cheese and moderate use of wine. And although it’s not considered one of the healthiest cooking methods, there are a few Spanish recipes that even call for frying.

The first thing you will notice about this Mediterranean cooking app is the beautiful and simple user interface featuring colorful hand-stitched leather graphics. You can easily navigate your way to the food recipes via the Recipes category. The recipes are divided into 4 sections: Starters, Main Course, Desserts, Appetizers.

Healthy Mediterranean Recipes iPad App Review

What’s Cooking

For Starters, you can opt for something on the Hot or Cold side. Maybe you are in the mood for Andalusian Gazpacho, which is a cold tomato based soup? Or perhaps a hot Pumpkin Cream with Chive and Olive Oil dish is more to your liking.

Next, you can venture into the Main Course section. It is divided up into 3 groups: Meat and Poultry, Fish and Seafood, and Pasta and Rice. Admittedly, some of the main meat choices were not necessarily what I envisioned for great tasting dishes. Meat and Poultry choices include lamb, veal, pork, hen, chicken, partridge and rabbit. Fish and Seafood includes: Cod, monkfish, hake, sea bass, squid, salmon, snail and cuttlefish. What is cuttlefish anyway? In case you don’t know, it’s a marine animal (mollusk) belonging to the squid family, and appears in several of these healthy Mediterranean recipes.

Some of these main ingredients might leave you skeptical about the ability to turn out a great tasting dish, but looking through the recipes and seeing the step by step instructions as each ingredient is prepared will probably make you change your mind. Some of these recipes might even sway you to try something you have never eaten before, like cuttlefish.

Mediterranean appetizers include Pintxos (small snack) with various toppings such as ham, cheese, pork and more. Main courses include Lamb Ribs With Honey and Rosemary, Roasted Pork With Pineapple, and Valencian Chicken and Seafood Paella. And since Spanish desserts include mostly egg, dairy or fruit-based ingredients, you’ll find desserts such as Apricot or Peach Soup with Cheese Terrine, Santiago Cake, and Pears in Red Wine. Sorry chocolate lovers, chocolate is no where to be found.

App Review for Easy Mediterranean Recipes App

Step By Step Directions

Each recipe comes with HD photos displayed in an open book fashion, with listed ingredients and cookware needed to make each dish. Prominently displayed along the top of the recipe is the number of people it serves, cooking method, base ingredient, difficulty level, prep time and cooking time. Simply swipe pages to progress through the recipe to get a clear understanding of the whole prep and cooking process.

For me, it was seeing the quality photos revealing every step of the Mediterranean cooking process that changed my mind about trying some of these Spanish dishes. You can also favorite any of the recipes you like to designate them to a section for quick access later. And sharing full recipes with family and friends in the Photo Recipe Step by Step app is quick and easy via E-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Other Helpful App Features

Cooking Tips – Is an A to Z section that includes helpful tips for things like cleaning burnt saucepans, bacon wrapping, frying with butter, and cooking pasta properly.

Glossary of Terms – Has culinary terms listed A to Z for common cooking and prep techniques such as butterflying, caramelizing and tips on zesting. However, what was missing for me were explanations of the ingredients used in Spanish cuisine. If you’re new to Mediterranean cooking, cuttlefish, squid ink, risotto, or torrijas are probably going to be foreign terms.

Cookware Illustration – Just tap on the icon to reveal a simple drawing of the 30 most common utensils needed for basic cooking, which include a pot, skillet pan, chef’s knife, mixing bowl, Paella pan, etc.

Timer – Quick and convenient way to easily count down minutes and seconds using the digital timer provided for recipe cook times.

Equivalence Tables – Shows equivalent measurements for different types of ingredients (fine powder, grains, grainy, solid liquids, liquids) in cups, grams or ounces. This section includes oven temperature equivalency between fahrenheit, celsius, Gas Mark (Imperial).

Shopping List – Simply tap “+” sign next to any ingredient on the cookbook page to automatically add to your shopping list, and print your shopping list out via email.

Mediterranean Recipes iPad App

Overall Thoughts

What initially prompted me to check out the Photo Recipe Step by Step app was the fact that it was in iTunes top charts for the Food & Drink category. Being curious about ethnic cooking, I figured $1.99 was a decent price. However, I was a bit disappointed to find out that there were only approximately 50 recipes included. But, the 50 recipes provided do look to be good overall. Also, there is a section titled “New Packs” in the app – which will be coming soon. I’m guessing that these new packs will be in-app purchases for more Spanish inspired dishes or food recipes inspired by other countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

I’d say if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try out some authentic Spanish cuisine featuring some of the most popular Mediterranean recipes, this Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Recipes app may just be the recipe app for you.

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Developer: Cleverox
iOS Universal Food & Drink Application, Cost: $1.99, v. 1.04
Photo Recipe Step by Step - Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Food Recipes for Every Occasion
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 04/24/2014
A top-charting Mediterranean recipes app that provides excellent HD photos, step by step instructions and more to help you cook like a pro.
4 / 5 stars

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