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Get Healthy Heart Tips, Break Bad Habits In 30 Days or Less, iOS App

Healthy Heart Tips iPhone App Review

Get healthy heart tips that could save your life, and break bad habits that are putting you at risk for heart disease and stroke with the <30 Days heart app. This free iPhone Healthcare and Fitness app challenges you to take control of your heart health and leads you through 30 days of simple and practical challenges that encourage you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

<30 Days Heart App Details

The month of February is dedicated as American Heart Month in the US to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. But in actuality, these diseases deserve our attention all year round. According to a recent post on The Center For Disease Control and Prevention website,, “About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year – that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.” Heart attack prevention and stroke prevention are 2 main reasons the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada created this iPhone app. The <30 Days app is meant to be a tool to help you identify any potential heart risks and then motivate you to change your unhealthy ways using the healthy heart tips and challenges provided.

<30 Days Heart App iPhone Review

In a nutshell, this mobile app will categorize your heart disease and stroke risk factors based on your answers to a few simple questions. These risk factors are then categorized and ranked in order of importance. You’ll also get heart healthy suggestions and encouraging motivators to help you work towards your heart-healthy goals. But the nice thing about this app is that there is no hard work or unreachable goals to defeat you. Your set goals are attained through simple and practical daily challenges that span over 30 days to “baby step” you away from the bad habits you have now and then help you form healthier habits that stay with you.

Heart Health Assessment and Healthy Heart Tips

After agreeing to the standard Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy, you’ll be on your way to taking the quick health-risk assessment. At this point, you’ll answer simple questions to help formulate the baseline for your potential risk of heart disease and stroke. The topic questions cover: gender, age range, ethnicity, family history (for cholesterol, stroke, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), current medical conditions (depression, sleep apnea, etc.), as well as your height and weight to receive a BMI (Body Mass Index) number.

In case you don’t know, your BMI number determines if you’re underweight or overweight by taking into account your body fat in comparison to height and weight factors. This healthy heart app provides a slider feature that automatically gives you a BMI result based on your numbers entered in. And as you answer each of these questions, your given answers will continue to update your modifiable risk factors.

Heart Prevention iPhone App

The <30 Days app also takes into account a few other factors like your weekly eating habits of fast foods/fatty foods and good food choices like fish, fruits, and vegetables. In addition to this, <30 Days looks at the amount of time spent exercising, stress level, salt intake, whether or not you smoke, and your alcohol consumption. After completing all these questions, this app identifies the general lifestyle factors you need to work on by providing healthy heart tips and dietary changes. It sounds like it would take forever to complete the questions in the <30 Days app, but it goes by pretty fast.

According to my answers, my 2 focus areas are: Stress and Nutrition. Depending on your answers, you may have more or less things to work on. You then prioritize your suggested areas of improvement (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). This allows the app to formulate your daily challenges based on your focus rank order. I placed Stress in the number 1 position.

Change Bad Habits, Experience No Guilt

Aside from its simplicity, I liked how this Health and Fitness app encourages change without making you feel guilty in any way. It’s up to you to determine your motivational level for change and prioritize your preferences, using a “low – high” end bar slider. You’ll also get to choose your motivator/reason for change. This is great for helping you mentally stay on track. <30 Days also gives you the option to add a photo for a visual motivator. A photo of your kids or spouse might just be the reminder you need to make a healthier change.

When you’re done with the assessment portion, it’s immediately off to the daily challenges. There are 30 challenges, 1 challenge a day, or more if you want to finish sooner than the allotted 30 days. With each given challenge, you can either accept the daily challenge or “pick again” for another one. There’s no pressure here.

iPhone App for Healthy Heart Tips

My healthy heart challenges were very easy and practical. Here’s one example: “For each hour you sit at your desk or computer today, roll your shoulders and head once or twice.” Other heart healthy tips included: “Try some poached halibut for dinner tonight.” I was surprised to find great sounding recipes in this app (under different nutrition challenges). Another heart healthy tip for me was to “Eat only orange fruits and vegetables today.”

With every accepted challenge, you’ll be informed of the benefits and get additional ideas to improve your health. This app does the work of keeping track of your daily progress and provides additional incentives through: challenge priorities, number of challenges completed, awards earned, and the number of days to go till you’ve completed your <30 Day challenge. There are also virtual medals, ribbons, and trophy awards that you can earn.

Final Thoughts

I actually found this iPhone app a pleasure to use because of its user-friendly interface and practical everyday challenges that are easy to complete. I mean, how hard is it to avoid coffee several hours before going to bed? The tasks are simple and relevant to training yourself towards healthier living, without frustrating you in the process.

If you’re looking for a simple Healthcare & Fitness app to help you identify potential heart risks and bad health habits that put you at risk, then you’ll want to check out <30 Days app for heart healthy tips and challenges that will motivate you to achieve a healthier lifestyle in 30 days or less.

Download The <30 Days App for Healthy Heart Tips Now!

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