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HEIST The Score – Underworld Mayhem Gone Bad!

HEIST The Score (by N3V Games) is an intense rail shooter game that will get your adrenaline pumping as you fight to stay alive in a simple bank heist gone bad using a bevy of weapons and your own guile. Don’t look for Sal (your boss) or Guiseppe (“loose cannon”) to back you up, ’cause there’s no such thing as friends when you’re in the mafia. I think this first person rail shooter is an iTunes App Store “Sleeper Hit” app and is one of the better, to best, rail shooters I have played on the iOS platform. The cast of authentic characters, sounds, graphics and overall plot prevail throughout this game and are a perfect reflection of the 1920’s Era when the mafia was in it’s heyday.

HEIST The Score iPad Game App ReviewHEIST The Score iPad Game App Review

You have a plethora of weapons that you get to use such as a Tommy Gun, shotgun, 9mm, rifle, and grenade launcher as you try to make your way to the vault for the prized loot, but you don’t know any specifics on what it is you are trying to steal. Be sure to use cover postions to stay alive and reload, especially as you get deeper into the game where your enemies (and there are many) become harder to kill, shoot more often, as well as shoot more powerful weapons. After playing all the way through this game, I was left with only one complaint, if you can call it a complaint — I wanted more gameplay. Regardless, I quickly fell in love with HEIST the Score because of my affinity for Cops and Robbers type stories of this time period, and was immediately captivated by the great theme and graphics, enjoyable gameplay, and the price of only $0.99 — this is definitely a steal of a deal for this game. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

HEIST The Score iPad App Details

Title: HEIST The Score
Price: $0.99
Size: 65.7 MB
Category: Games
Developer: N3V Games Pty Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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HEIST The Score - N3V Games Pty Ltd

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HEIST The Score iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

***** Introductory price just $0.99 … limited time only! *****

A simple bank job, yeah right. “Get in, get the combination, get to the vault and get out” so they said. When put like that it sounds easy. What actually happened is a whole different story …

Heist tells the thrilling story of a daring bank robbery set in the prohibition era of 1920’s America. A carefully comprised plan with as little mess as possible turns horribly wrong, leaving you to fight your way out of an impossible situation. What are you willing to do to come out on top?

You begin the story as a low level enforcer for the mafia working under the enigmatic Salvatore Da Luca, a veteran from the recently ended Great War. Once he inspired acts of valour in the trenches, now he uses those same qualities for greed and corruption by liberating banks of their excess holdings.

Sal doesn’t work alone, his trusted associate Giuseppe Gallo always teams up for the score. He’s known as the loose cannon who can wind up being more trouble than he’s worth. Shoot first; ask question later is how he operates. He has a grudge with the world, and he’s not too fond of you either. You better make sure not to put a foot wrong.

The bank just opened and the scores all set, are you in?

• Fast-paced rail shooter action
• Action packed gun fights
• Many weapons to gut the bank
• Destructible environments
• Compelling motion capture cut scenes tell the tale of HEIST in full force.
• Professional voice actors
• Experience high resolution graphics with dynamic music and sounds effects

“The game’s whole feelings is nice. The picture is great. You need to try this game.” —

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