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You don’t have to be a wine aficionado to get the most out of the Hello Vino – Wine Assistant app, in fact, this wine app gives you all the knowledge of a Sommelier right in the palm of your hand! Which is why you will want to download this free Food & Drink app for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire device.

The simple fact is that the majority of people who drink wine are not wine connoisseurs. We know a wine we like when drinking it, but could use a little help in refining our knowledge of wine overall. Hello Vino offers a ton of wine knowledge, a huge wine database via wine-searcher.com, expert wine reviews and tips from certified wine Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider, and a whole lot more!

Personal Wine Assistant Application

And even if you are already a bit of a “wine geek,” the Hello Vino – Wine Assistant has some really useful features that will come in handy. These features include insider wine deals, wine label scanning identification, the ability to remember your favorite wines and where to find them, as well as spot-on wine food pairings, of course.

Hello Vino – Wine Assistant is one of the oldest wine apps in iTunes and Google Play. It’s also free and has been meticulously updated to continuously improve this wine app’s user experience and functionality. But what exactly is under the hood of the Hello Vino wine application?

Hello Vino – Wine Assistant Features

Since most of us are not wine experts, we need a little help finding the right wines, figuring out what the difference is between a chardonnay, zinfandel, or cabernet sauvignon wine, and how to correctly pair wines with food. This is not a problem because Hello Vino features a slick and easy-to-use interface for both smartphone (iPhone and Android) and tablets (iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire). You will find all the basic wine information under the “Vino” tab on the smartphone version of Hello Vino and on the tablet version you will find the same information under the “Recommendations” tab.

What is great about this section is that the information is bucketed very well. The current categories include: wine with meal food recommendations, wine for occasion recommendations, wine by taste preference, wine by type/variety, wines for summer, and BBQ & cookout wines.

As you can see, there is core wine information that does not change, such as wine pairings, wines for occasions, and basic wine knowledge. And there are also seasonal sections of wine info – in this case currently, wines for summer and BBQ’s. There’s no need to be intimidated because all wine information in Hello Vino is for the everyday Joe or Jane, presented in normal speak for easy understanding of the wine knowledge you are seeking.

Hello Vino, Free iPad Wine App

Another compelling feature in Hello Vino is the Search functionality. Currently, you can search for wines by scanning a wine label (premium feature), searching food or simply by searching through the main categories of wine (Red, White, and Pink). All search features have their benefits, with the later 2 search features being free. And although the wine label scanner is not free, it is something you’ll definitely want to use for easy wine searching. It’s functionality is equivalent to those apps that listen to music and accurately tell you what the song is (SoundHound and Shazam).

The Hello Vino wine label scanner uses your device’s camera to scan the wine label (not the barcode) on the front of the bottle. Once you snap your photo and save it, a search is conducted and detailed wine information is returned. This is an especially helpful feature if you are not familiar with a wine you are drinking at an event, dinner, or get-together, but that you want to remember because you like it. One aspect that makes this feature even better is that once you find your selected wine from the search results, you can save it to your very own wine favorites queue, find it to purchase in your local area, and even share the wine through a variety of social networks. Of course, there is also a simple search bar you can type in the name of any wine to search as well, which is also a free feature.

iPad Android Wine App

Now that you know how to use the search functionality, you can search through 6 million+ wines using the Hello Vino – Wine Assistant app. Once you find those you like, simply save them and they will show up under the Wine tab. You can also go directly to this tab and enter a wine manually by tapping on the green “+” sign. This is where you can keep track of your favorite vinos quickly for easy memory recall. The Hello Vino app also has “insider deals” which allow you to purchase wine on a monthly basis and beyond at discounted pricing. You’ll want to check this app out to see what the current insider deals are, and be aware that some deals only last for a limited time period.

Free iPhone Wine App, Hello Vino

Possibly, one of the coolest sections of this app is the Review section. Here you will find expert wine reviews by Elizabeth Schneider, both written and audio podcasts (to listen to). Elizabeth Schneider is a certified wine Sommelier, which means she knows her stuff about wine. All reviews are delivered for the normal wine consumer and not for connoisseurs. However, if you are a wine connoisseur you can probably learn a little something from Ms. Schneider’s simple but expert wine reviews.

An additional feature I found to be very useful is the ability to search for and purchase wine based on your GPS location, by state or country. I came across some insane pricing for a variety of wines that we regularly consume in our house and will definitely be taking advantage of using this wine app in the future.

Hello Vino – Wine Assistant Summary

If you are looking for an easy way to learn about wine, want to find the correct wines for food and occasions, want to catalog your favorite wines easily, purchase wines at deep discounts, and get expert wine reviews, then the newly updated Hello Vino – Wine Assistant app is for you. The majority of this wine app’s features are free. However, you have the option to pay to remove ads (which are minimal) and/or purchase wine label scanning credits to find all kinds of wine using your smartphone or tablet camera.

Hello Vino – Wine Assistant New Features

140,000 STORE & RESTAURANT LOCATIONS ADDED – When you step into the wine aisle or you’re ordering wine at a restaurant, the Hello Vino app now includes hundreds of thousands of locations to help you pick the perfect wine.

ENHANCED SEARCH ENGINE – Powered by wine-searcher.com, the industry’s largest and most reliable wine search engine, the database includes more than 6 million wines!

EXPERT REVIEWS FOR SPRING – Certified Sommelier and podcast celebrity Elizabeth Schneider has new reviews for wines that would be perfect for your Spring festivities.

And this update also includes requests from our users (thanks for your valuable feedback):

EASY WINE ENTRIES – We’ve cleaned up the “Add Wine” interface for easier and faster saving and tracking of the wines you’re purchasing. Also, the app now automatically converts typing to Title Case when adding wines.

NEW FOOD & WINE PAIRINGS – For all you veggie lovers out there, you can thank Miss Springfield for requesting new vegetarian dishes and suggested wine pairings.

UPGRADE TO PREMIUM FEATURES – So many people asked for a “Pro” version of the app, so we’ve now added the ability to update your account for premium sponsor-free features.

As always, email hello@hellovino.com with any issues, questions or suggestions. We sincerely appreciate all the love and feedback.

To get your free download of Hello Vino – Wine Assistant, simply choose your app store and use the links below to download it – and enjoy your wine!

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