Help Sleepy Mole Find A Home…iPad Kids’ Book with 100’s of Endings!

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Sleepy Mole was minding his own business snoozing away when he was rudely awakened by construction workers, who more or less evicted him from his home. What is a mole to do? This children’s iPad book, by Ginger Whale Interactive Stories, features a playful story about Sleepy Mole (along with his teddy bear) and his hunt for a new home. While Sleepy Mole is digging his way to 1 of 8 different homes that can be found in this iPad storybook, he encounters 16 different animal characters along the way, like a badger, snake, fox, ants, and so on. This book has hundreds of possible endings and it’s up to you to choose the path for this tired critter to take, so that he can find a home and get some rest. This is a read-by-yourself book (no audio narrator), but does have nice soothing background music throughout the story as you read along, and really nice artwork done by artist Melanie Matthews. Once you read the story or find Sleepy Mole a home, you can start all over again and help him find a different home simply by tapping the button on the bottom right. This app features 4-way “hand” navigation, which then turns into 3-way, or 2-way navigation where you get to choose the direction that will help Sleepy Mole dig his way to a new home. Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day is a great story that will keep your child intrigued and entertained as he/she leads him on his journey encountering all the different animals and variety of homes to be found for this sleepy little mole. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

ipad kids app reviewsipad kids app reviews

Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day iPad App Details

Title: Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day
Price: $2.99
Category: Books
Developer: Ginger Whale Interactive Stories
Store: iTunes App Store

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Sleepy Mole's Moving Day - James Scanlon Pty. Ltd.

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Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Can YOU help Sleepy Mole find a place to sleep?

You control the narrative as you choose the path Sleepy Mole takes to find a new home. There are eight homes to find, and up to sixteen animals to meet. So each time you read this story it’s a new adventure.

Charmingly illustrated by Melanie Matthews, Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day is a bedtime story that nurtures exploration.

• choose the path—navigate in 4 directions
• help the mole dig—animation between scenes
• 28 original Melanie Matthews illustrations
• 8 homes to find, 16 animals to meet, and hundreds of ways to read the story

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