Help Wagga Save The Village in This Physics Action Puzzler!

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Jungool (by Headsoft) is a platform arcade puzzler with 30 large levels of jungle physics gameplay, plenty of power ups (masks) to collect, and enemies to defeat. The graphics in this game will immediately grab your attention and imagination as you are led into a tropical land, with the help of the excellent jungle-themed music soundtrack. You play as Wagga, the hero in this game, who is helping the village shaman to collect the various masks and defeat the bad gods who have been agitated by the hunters (some of your fiercest enemies in this platform action game), and puzzles that must be figured out to complete most levels.

Jungool iPad Game App Reviews Jungool iPad Game App Reviews

You maneuver Wagga by using a control pad on the left (which is directional) and a control pad on the right (which is jump). Since Wagga is a round form, you are basically controlling a ball through platform levels while dodging enemies, jumping over them, and figuring out how to outwit them in the process. There are plenty of different game scenes to enjoy like jungles, temples, and more — as well as imposing bosses you will have to take out using some rather unorthodox methods. Jungool is an entertaining and whacky action platformer game with unique and funny graphics, spot on sounds, and a cool hero named Wagga — which I just like saying. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Jungool iPad App Details

Title: Jungool
Price: $0.99
Size: 136.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Headsoft
Store: iTunes App Store

Jungool iPad App Download Link

Jungool - Headsoft

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Jungool iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
JUNGOOL is a physics based platform adventure with a touch of puzzle solving that will have you addicted in no time.

In a jungle, far far away, lies a village in turmoil. The village Shaman has a quest for you (our ‘all round hero’) to save the young, the tribe, and ultimately the entire world.

Travel through a myraid of stunning and magical locations, solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and retrieving the masks that give you the special powers you need. Experience this exuberant and exhilarating adventure and absorb yourself in its puzzling and addictive charm. Unlock new worlds to face new challenges, and achieve global highscores to demonstrate your greatness.

Can you save the world? Well time is running out… so you’d better get rolling!


* 30 gorgeous levels and locations
* Thought provoking quests and puzzles to solve
* Several unique obstables and enemies to avoid – beware of the Hunters!
* Gamepad style controls
* Gems to collect and bonus levels to unlock
* OpenFeint and Game Center support
* Objectives, achievements and leaderboards
* Amazing graphics and animation
* Pumping jungle inspired soundtrack
* Retina support

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What’s new

Wagga has returned with vengeance and additional levels to test your mettle.

* Two new and varied bonus levels
* Tweaks and improvements to the controls
* Helpful hints from the Shaman for the first level
* Tips for most levels (accessed from the pause screen)
* Instructions and game information (accessed from the title screen)
* New health bar
* A selection of levels made easier (a little)
* Improvements to control in Pinball levels
* iCade support
* Fixes to save system
* A new introductory price

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