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Hero The Hamster – iOS Puzzle Game, Mensa Style!

Hero The Hamster (by Dogfish Apps) is a very challenging puzzle game that features 72 logic-based levels that you must solve to maneuver your hamster successfully across each level’s finish line — and before doing that you’ll have tasks like connecting blocks, pulleys, and climbing ladders to ultimately roll Hero (in this hamster ball) across the finish line. This is one of the most challenging iPhone and iPad puzzle games I have ever played — which says a lot. First off, this is an indie style game with retro graphics that are not overly sexy, but the puzzles are some of the most complicated-make-you-think kind of puzzles that I have come across in any game.

Your objective, if you dare take it, is to get Hero (yes, this is actually the hamster’s name) across the finish line ala the “hamster ball” for each level. While in theory this sounds easy enough, it’s not since the developer has manically (almost evil like) created the levels in this game to be really difficult. You start out in the “Red Levels” game pack and if you can make it through, you’ll end in the “Violet Levels” game pack. The object is to use your “super hero” Hamster in each level’s puzzle solving process, which requires moving blocks to make a way for the Hero to roll the hamster ball over the finish line. You will quickly find that there are a lot of other items like moveable blocks, tunnels, partial ladders and other physics that play a part in your successful completion and ultimate puzzle solving for each game level. After you get so far, for me around 10 levels, I began to get stuck and let me tell you — one wrong move and it is back to the drawing board — sometimes after 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay, which will cause you to remember where you went wrong the first time — at least it did me.

While there are 72 levels, each level is not long in gameplay, but seems like more because the puzzles become rather elaborate requiring some serious “Mensa” style logic to complete — so put on your thinking cap. I got sucked in and found the puzzles to be much more challenging than I anticipated. If you like challenging puzzles you will “super dig” this app, and if you’re not into really challenging puzzle games, you will still get sucked in by the cool Hero Hamster who can leap, fall, roll and crawl through every level effortlessly — all he needs is your direction. There are some extras like 2 game theme styles (Classic and Bubble), a teary eyed backstory, and 9 tips I suggest you read — seriously. Hero The Hamster is a worthy iPhone and iPad puzzle game, especially for the most skilled puzzler.

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Hero the Hamster - Dogfish Apps, L.L.C.

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