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Hidden Egg Hunt Game For iOS – Can You Find All the Easter Eggs?

This Hidden Egg Hunt game is a free iOS Universal arcade “look and find” game that challenges you to collect as many colored Easter eggs as you can in 1 minute. But there is more to this egg hunt game than just finding brightly colored Easter eggs. You will also need to hunt and find the rare gold eggs, collect tokens to unlock additional game boards, and more.

Hidden Egg Hunt Game iPad App Review Video!


iPad App Review Easter Egg Hunt Game

Hidden Egg Hunt Game Overview

The time is ticking in this classic look and find game that may give you a run for your money. The game objective is to find as many hidden Easter eggs as you can before the 1 minute game time is up. Finding the eggs can be rather tricky since they are hidden quite well. Believe me, it’ll require you to take a few looks before you actually find your first egg. But to help you, there are also power-ups for time and a magnifying glass that will help you find more eggs – scoring more points. Be sure to tap on the bunny when you see him to earn tokens.

This Hidden Egg Hunt game is especially perfect for the Easter holiday because of the nice variety of game boards, all with their own spring theme featuring colorful flowers, bunnies, birds, and of course, lots of candy. The eggs you find are worth different points, and a special plaid-colored egg gives you the option to play a mini-game (pair matching) to earn tokens.

Hidden Egg Hunt Game iPad App Review

While you can easily enjoy playing this free Easter game completely for FREE, if you want to increase your chances of scoring higher, you may want to purchase tokens through in-app purchase. I found the 1 minute game time to be rather challenging and typically my game ended before I wanted it to. However, there is a really nice feature that will have you returning to this free game over and over again. And that is that the game is never the same twice, providing for plenty of replay value.

Hidden Egg Hunt is a great look-and-find game, and a perfect Easter Holiday game that adds an arcade feel to the standard look and find game. Watch the iPad app review video above for a complete walk through of the Easter game fun.

Easter Egg Hunt Game, Hidden Egg Hunt App Review

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Developer: Zivix LLC
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.3
Hidden Egg Hunt
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/15/2014
Arcade style Easter egg hunt. How many eggs can you find?
3.5 / 5 stars

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