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Hills of Glory 3D, Awesome Android Reverse TD Game (Video)

Hills of Glory 3D for Android is a tough reverse tower defense Android game. Hills of Glory 3D requires good strategy, multi-tasking skills and a cool head as you defend your bunker through 21 missions of endless gameplay.

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This bunker style “Tower Defense” game gives you a bunker to defend from hoards of enemy attacks. You battle your way from Italy to Germany using rifle, mortar, air attacks, flame thrower and other units. Hills of Glory 3D incorporates numerous swipe and touch gestures that enable you to pound the enemy to a pulp.

YouTube App Video Link: Hills of Glory 3D Android App Review – CrazyMikesapps

This free-to-play Android game challenges your strategy gaming skills. There are in app purchases to help you along the way, or you can tough it out and have some well earned fun.

Hills of Glory 3D is an awesome Android bunker-style Castle Defense game that requires multi-tasking and specific touch/swipe gestures that’ll you’ll need to master to be victorious!

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