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Martin Luther King Day – 2 Martin Luther King Jr Speeches, iPhone App

Martin Luther King Day App for iPhone

Whether you call it Martin Luther King Day, MLK Day, or by its official federal holiday name: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, this US holiday is a special day worth remembering. And if you have an iPhone, TechnoSketch Apps gives you an opportunity to hear, see and reflect on the powerful words spoken by this great Pastor, Activist, Humanitarian and Civil Rights Leader. Using your iPhone and The Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Speech app, you can experience 2 unforgettable speeches recorded in Dr. King’s own voice.

App Details:

This free iPhone app contains the 2 most powerful Martin Luther King Jr speeches in their entirety: “I Have a Dream” and “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” For anyone not familiar with Dr. King, he was a pioneer in the forefront of the Black or African American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Strong in his faith and American Ideology, he advocated racial equality and economic quality of life based on the words found in the US Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. He inspired, motivated people and led by example. His strong conviction, non-violent approach and ability to gather people collectively to tackle social and economical issues was Dr. King’s greatest ammunition toward change.

iPhone App for Martin Luther King Day

This Martin Luther King Day, or any other day, is a good time to listen to Dr. King’s eloquent and moving messages. This Education app segments the 2 speeches into easily digestible parts: 4/4 minute segments for “I Have a Dream” and 6/7-8 minute segments for “I’ve Been to The Mountaintop.”

Aside from hearing Dr. King deliver these historical speeches, you have the option to view the English subtitles, which show the caption text of the speech. This allows you to follow along word-for-word as the words are spoken. Personally, I like being able to see and hear the words at the same time because it allows me to really absorb the importance of what is being said.

Although this MLK app lets you relive the historical speeches, the app’s main intent is to be an English learning tool. According to the developer’s iTunes description, the Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Speech app was created for non-English natives living in the US, and for those “Doing business in English, studying abroad or living in English speaking countries.” But obviously this app can serve a dual purpose.

Martin Luther King iPhone App


The application itself and graphics aren’t too exciting, but the user interface works well and is very practical for its intended purpose of listening, reading, and learning English. There are ads in this free app, but you barely notice them. The best thing about this app is the authentic speech recording. You can actually hear the crowd’s responses throughout the 2 speeches, making you feel like you’re a part of the audience and History in the making.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was truly an inspiring and motivating man that helped awaken the consciousness of a nation and moved us in a direction that changed the course of American History. On April 3, 1968; in Memphis, Tennessee, he delivered his last speech — which was 1 day before his untimely death. Do yourself a favor and listen to that “I’ve been to the Mountaintop” speech. It’s impactful and worth listening to this Martin Luther King Day.

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