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Hit, Hit, Hit! – Extreme Focus Required!

Hit, Hit, Hit! is an iPhone and iPad game that requires extreme focus, and intense and accurate finger-flicking action because fast-flying balls are coming at you (rapidly) from all directions in this endless physics-based action game featuring multiple difficulty modes and several fierce achievements. Have ever tried to solve a puzzle that looks really simple, yet 4 hours later you’re still trying to solve it? Now, that is a bit of an exaggeration because I would probably have popped a vein in my head after 15 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to solve a puzzle, or I would have thrown the puzzle across the room. While this game doesn’t require such extreme measures, you’ll surely get your money’s worth at only $0.99 for this challenge. Your objective: slide all balls off the game board through the 4 different openings with a flick of your finger. Simple enough, now add that the openings randomly close, that the ball can bounce back into the game board if it hits the inner part of the bumper opening, that you can only flick a ball once, and that you must flick all balls or risk a skip (3 consecutive skips or 3 blue balls hit the bumper then the game is over) — now you’re getting the picture that this simple game is not that simple. The game starts out in Easy game mode, which is very challenging, even for an experienced gamer — expect your games to only last a minute or two. Playing in Normal game mode is insanely addictive, yet also almost impossible to stay alive for more than 30 to 40 seconds without some practice. Fortunately, the developers were kind enough to provide an endless Practice game mode that allows you to learn the game and also adjust the degree of difficulty (in Practice mode) from easy to impossible.

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Some other features of the game are the colored bumpers (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) that provide for bonus opportunities when you get 6 successful balls off the screen without hitting a bumper or a skip. Once in bonus mode you can rack up some points by flicking the same colored ball through the correct colored bumper opening. As an added bonus, you do not lose any lives if a ball hits a bumper when in bonus mode. Another item worth mentioning is that the achievements can only be earned in Normal game mode, so practice up before you trying beating all the achievements in this game. Hit, Hit, Hit! is just that — a true touch gamer’s challenge for only $0.99. Watch the iPad video app demo for Hit, Hit, Hit! below for a complete demonstration of this iPad game. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Hit, Hit, Hit! iPad App Details

Title: Hit, Hit, Hit!
Price: $0.99
Size: 9.6 MB
Category: Games
Developer: algoritmico
Store: iTunes App Store

Hit, Hit, Hit! iPad App Download Link

 Hit, Hit, Hit! - algoritmico

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Hit, Hit, Hit! iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

“It has a unique touch control mechanism typically unseen in this genre.” – AppAdvice

Bringing touch gaming to a new level. So simple, so clever, so unique.

If you love challenging games then you’re in the right place: Hit Hit Hit is possibly one of the hardest games on the App Store! In the end, it’s all about keeping the screen clear. Fight endless balls with your mighty finger but never ever stop because.. losing control is a matter of a few seconds. Timing, physics, accuracy, prediction. All you need to be a master.


✔ Universal app with iPad Retina support.
✔ Totally original gaming experience.
✔ Funny music and retro sound effects.

✔ Consistently high framerate even on older devices.
✔ Endless matches with increasing difficulty and unlimited scores.
✔ Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

NEW IN 2.0

✔ Practice mode to grasp the gameplay.
✔ Multiple difficulty levels.
✔ Complete Facebook and Twitter integration.
✔ Highly configurable sound: music + effects, effects or mute (play own music)

NEW IN 2.1

✔ Full iPad support including Retina display.
✔ Improved controls, balls should be easier to guide.
✔ Fixed mute switch handling.
✔ Fixed rotation issue on iPhone 3G.


✔ Multiplayer


Dude, is this too easy for you? Do you really think you beat the game? Well, you should boost your score with the achievements multiplier.


So you want to break the 3000 points limit. There’s an only way to accomplish that: play “Normal” and complete game achievements. Your progress % will act as a multiplier for your score up to 100% (2x).


★ Last 110 seconds alive.
★ Throw 120 balls.
★ Stay alive with 3 lives for 60 seconds.
★ Throw 35 early balls.
★ Mark a 25-balls streak.

and 28 MORE!

Will you be able to do that? It takes a little practice..



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There’s a big guy behind this game concept, Francesco La Macchia (aka defc0n), one of the most promising web developers out there. Check out his works:

Follow Doomfan on Twitter, he’s definitely the most active and helpful indie supporter around!

Thanks to riq for the amazing cocos2d framework:

Same for the Box2D physics engine by Erin Catto:
What’s new
✔ Universal app!

✔ Full iPad support including Retina display.

✔ Improved controls, balls should be easier to guide.

✔ Fixed mute switch handling.

✔ Fixed rotation issue on iPhone 3G.

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