Office Jerk, Take Your Frustrations Out With This iPhone App (Video)

Most people work with someone who is an Office Jerk, you know that annoying individual who you try to avoid, but usually cannot.

Office Jerk App Summary

Well, this guy has been created into an iPhone app and now you can be the Office Jerk. The game play is based on the hit iPhone app Paper Toss by Backflip Studios so it is a bit of a knock off app. Nonetheless Office Jerk provides some humiliating game play where you throw paper, eggs, TNT, and pies at your co-worker. There is a fan to push objects thrown off course which has varying speeds and that is about it. There are no leaderboards or achievements and while the app is FREE you will not be able to throw (eggs, TNT, or pie) without an in app purchase. There is also an in app purchase to remove ad’s that are really not that intrusive.

Officer Jerk App Details

Title: Office Jerk
Cost: FREE (in app purchases)
Category: Games
Developer: Fluik
Store: iTunes App Store

Office Jerk App Downloads

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