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HogFrog – Tongue-Zapping Love Story!

HogFrog (by Dream Harvesters) features a suave little frog (Tore) who’s on a mission to find his frog princess (Rosina) through 4 different ponds and 40 levels of tongue-zapping and fly-eating puzzle gameplay. The storyline starts with Tore being forbidden by Rosina’s father from seeing her, which now requires Tore to find her. Your game mission is to navigate Tore through the 4 different level-filled game packs manipulating his frog tongue to eat up all the flies, but getting all the flies is not quite that easy. Tore will have to ricochet his tongue off of pieces of wood, turtles, and more to successfully complete each level. Adding to the pressure, the flies taunt Tore with sarcastic remarks, like the dunk clown from the carnival. There are other objects Tore must deal with, but the real twist in this fly-eating puzzle game is that there are a limited number of times Tore can use his tongue to solve each puzzle.

HogFrog FREE iPhone Game App ReviewsHogFrog FREE iPhone Game App Reviews

The developers did a great job of building your self-esteem when you fail a level by promptly displaying the words “loser” and requiring you to replay the level, but in my case this actually worked because I like a challenge, especially when I am called a loser! The fist game pack is FREE in this game and features 10 levels, but if you find that you want more gameplay, you can purchase the remaining 30 levels (with more to come) through in app purchase. Tore needs your help to get his princess back from her over protective dad. Will this love story have a happy ending? For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

HogFrog FREE iPhone App Details

Title: HogFrog
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 19.2 MB
Developer: Dream Harvesters
Store: iTunes App Store

HogFrog iPhone App Download Link

HogFrog - Mutinysoft LLC

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HogFrog iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Help Tore – a fun little frog – fight for his love, Rosina.

Use Tore’s tongue to catch all the mosquitoes on each level and progress to the pond. Complete each level with only one flick of the tongue to earn the maximum amount of points.

•4 different style ponds.
•40 varied levels.
•Various obstacles such as other frogs, turtles and spinning logs.

What’s new

Several bug fixes

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