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Holidays US, Great Holiday Countdown App With History and Artistic Flair

Holidays US is a stylish holiday countdown app that will teach you a little history behind some of the most celebrated U.S. holidays as you countdown the days to your favorite event. There are a lot of holiday countdown apps out there, but this free Reference app strikes me as a bit different. What makes this iPhone app special isn’t just its fluid navigation, it’s the content and artistic flair found inside.

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Holidays US covers 12 months of holiday events starting in January with the New Year and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and keeps on going all the way through to December, ending with Christmas. Honestly, while checking out this holiday app, I was expecting to see a lot more special days listed than the limited ones featured in this simple holiday countdown app.

However, aside from the expected holidays there are some interesting and unexpected ones included too. Of course you’ll see Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Father’s Day listed, but some of the listed U.S. holidays that took me by surprise were Cinco De Mayo and John F. Kennedy’s Birthday.

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One of the classiest things about this iPhone app is that every holiday event displays as a quality framed image to fit the holiday theme. There’s also a nice countdown feature for each included holiday that shows the days and hours till the big event. And, the days and hours continually re-calculate the correct days and hours that have passed since the last holiday event occurred. Another nice feature I appreciate is the simple history and background information that you’ll find on the backside of each holiday image.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about this simple holiday tracking app, from the smooth user interface to the history and beautiful holiday images provided. Even the ads in this free app aren’t invasive and annoying like the ones you’ll see in many other free applications.

Although there are only 20+ featured holidays in this application currently, Holidays US is a beautiful and entertaining app that I’ve been enjoying on my iPhone for awhile now, and I thought you might too.

Featured Holidays in Holidays US

New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, Washington’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, John F. Kennedy’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

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