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hopTo, Handy Microsoft Office App for iPad – Create, Edit, Share Docs! (Video)

Create, edit and share Microsoft Word and Excel documents right from your iPad with the free hopTo Productivity app!

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App Overview

hopTo is a minimalistic iPad Productivity app that incorporates access to several cloud-based services, as well as PC file access (including remote access), and Microsoft Office Word/Excel document creation and editing while using your iPad. The main problem that the hopTo app solves is the ability to perform document creation and editing in the cloud without using a required PC. While the most important document types supported are Microsoft Word and Excel, hopTo is able to work with a variety of other documents as well.

Mobile Productivity Office Cloud Workstation, the hopTo app

This mobile app also provides a tabbed multi-tasking feature that allows you to work in and out of several tabs at one time, providing a lot of flexibility. There are other important features such as the ability to cut and paste in and out of Word and Excel documents, save documents to any of your cloud services, a unified view of all documents, and several other document queues like Favorites and History. In addition to that, there is also a super helpful and accurate Search box for the tab you are in. And since hopTo comes with a lot of functionality, you would think that the learning curve to get this app up and running would take quite a while. But in reality, this app is very easy to use.

iPad App Review or Microsoft Office app hopTo

How hopTo Works

hopTo is very simple to use and can be accessed immediately after creating a free account within the iPad application. Once logged in you will need to connect to one or more cloud services (Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive) or by using the Windows File Connector software. Currently, there is only a PC file connecter solution. However, there will be Mac file connection software solution coming in the future.

Once you’re logged in and connected, the hopTo app lets you create new Microsoft Word and Excel documents from within the application. Editing features appear as green tabs inside documents and when tapped on they pop up providing a wide variety of editing features to aid you with document creation or editing. Created documents can be saved to any of your cloud-based accounts or your PC directly from your iPad. Besides creating, editing and sharing Word/Excel documents, hopTo also nicely presents PowerPoint presentations and allows access to PDF documents, mp4 videos, numerous image files, as well as audio mp3 files.

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If you have an iPad and you spend time working with Word or Excel documents, you now have the convenience of doing just that from your iPad – no PC required thanks to the hopTo iPad app! Watch the hopTo iPad app review to see how this app works, including setup, editing features, and a few extras!

hopTo Microsoft Office App iPad App Review

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Developer: hopTo Inc.
iOS Productivity iPad application, Cost: Free, v 2.1.20
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 02/25/2014
Easy-to-use Microsoft Office app to create, edit and share Word and Excel documents
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Our vision is to change the way you work; to be productive without boundaries. We believe in designing innovative technologies that enable you to work wherever you are, find whatever you are looking for right now and create anything you want. We embrace the mobile lifestyle through a better user experience empowering you to harmonize your work and life together.

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