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Hot Springs Story takes on many of the same types of gameplay that Game Dev Story has. It gives the same “build yourself up to greatness” feel to it when playing. Personally, I enjoyed Game Dev Story a bit more because I like to program games, but all personal preferences aside, Hot Springs Story is an enjoyable game. In the game you basically manage a resort. You can build rooms, restaurants, baths, arcades, and more. When building them, you can choose where they go, and you will want to put “decorations” in the best places to maximize your customers’ happiness. The better your rooms become, the more customers you will get. You will get a bunch more cash to use towards upgrading your resort with more and more things. Be careful, it is possible to build a room that is impossible to get to, thus making it useless, so be mindful of where you place your rooms.

Overall the game has a nice retro feel with the sounds, music and graphics. Many people have been saying that Hot Springs Story is in fact better than Game Dev Story, so if you have Game Dev Story and enjoy it, you should definitely look into purchasing Hot Springs Story. Slimothy

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Title: Hot Springs Story
Cost: $3.99
Category: Games
Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Hot Springs Story - Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

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