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How fast are your reflexes? For old guys like me, not nearly as fast as they used to be, but still faster than most, due to my love for playing various platform app games. Want to hone your mental and finger reflexes? If so, check out the new, casual FREE iPhone game, Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s. This iPhone game will help you to increase your reaction time and have fun in the process. There are 8 stages or mini-games that have 3 challenging levels — all for FREE. The games range from identification of like objects, average golf shot distance, parachute landing, etc., but are not as easy as they appear. There is also the opportunity to unlock 10 bonus levels of gameplay by scoring 5 stars on all 8 stages and levels. Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s is a fun way to get your reflexes in shape and you don’t have to spend a penny on a gym membership. However, if you feel you want to have Olympic-like reflexes, you may want to consider buying the Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s PRO, the paid version that has all of the game play to hone your reflexes like a pro.
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free iphone app reviewsfree iphone app reviews

Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s
Price: FREE
Size: 14.7 MB
Category: Games
Store: iTunes App Store

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Hardest Game Ever - 0.02s - Ming Liang Chien

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Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Ranked #1 (Overall) in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, … Definitely a game you don’t want to miss out!

From the developers that brought you the world #1 ranking games “Stupidness 2” & “0.03 seconds”, you won’t want to miss its sequel ‘Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s’ (0.02s in short)!

0.02s is a series of fun and exciting mini-game that measures your reaction time to the milliseconds and pixels! See how accurate you can shoot at the center of target in pixels and how sharp is your reaction to catch the eggs before they touch the floor in milliseconds! 0.02s promises to bring you hours of adrenaline drain! Complete against the world for highest possible speed and reaction!

Challenge your family and friends and find out who’s got the fastest reaction on iPhone/iPod/iPad!

– Multi-language Instructions Supported! (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian)
– 8 Stages x 3 Challenging Levels
– Includes OpenFeint so that you can compare your scores with your pals!
– Earn additional 10 bonus levels when you get 5 stars for all stages!
– Simple yet addictive gameplay!
– Enhanced sound effects!

Read a few testimonial from our gamers for 0.03 seconds, testimonials don’t lie:

Amazing! – ★★★★★
by Lainie24 – 10 February 2011
“This game is very fun and very addictive, i Just had to play every level right then. I would definitely recommend this game! Its also a great test game and sometimes very tricky.”

Great fun! – ★★★★★
by Nickram81 – 06 February 2011
“If you don’t have this yet then pick it up. After you master it you will laugh at your friends as they struggle with it.”

Fun – ★★★★★
by Sarah Childers – 01 February 2011
“I like competitive apps like this one. Seeing how good you are and watching yourself improve is a good pass time.”

Great fun for young and old alike. – ★★★★★
by stevens321 – 03 January 2011
“Played with my little nephew. Always love to find games we can play competitively and lots of fun.”

Love it – ★★★★★
by KaylaJade09 – 28 January 2011
“I love this game have it on my iPhone and now the iPad. I get stuck on some levels and just have my friends beat them. Turns into a group competition. LOVE IT ! !”

So stupid but brill ! Nuf sed – ★★★★★
by Mmmm cupcakes!! – 29 May 2011
“Amazing it’s so addictive and clever! Just finished and gonna reset best game ever and sooo clever !!!!!! Great little game <3”

0.03 Seconds is ranked top 5 in more than 30 countries! You won’t want to miss out it’s sequel, 0.02s! Download 0.02s now!

Note for gamers of Gone in 0.02s:
This app is an updated version of Gone in 0.02s with a change in app name and icon.

WARNING: This game contains some simple mini-games that looks way too easy till you try them! Not for the faint hearted!

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